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Latest results and musing on my own blood work

Hi friends,

I have gotten out of the habit of posting my personal news and musings on my own results on my blog as I have been so busy with the successful launch of the CLL Society, but today I did post my latest lab and reflections on what it all means at

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


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I've just read your blog Brian and am so very pleased that all is stable with you. You've no idea how grateful we are that although you have your own problems, you still find time and energy to take an interest in the rest of us. Warmest wishes. Peggy.

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I'm so happy that everything is working for you. May it never stop.

You have done so much for me, though we have never met.

Thank you,



Thanks Brian. I've read your latest post on your results. They must give you great confidence for your future. It was really interesting to read how complete the testing was and also to understand your interpretation and positive attitude to your response.

Have a great trip to Australia.





Refreshing news Brian! Congratulations! Might I ask what are the common mutations that lead to Ibrutinib resistance? And why have you sworn off CT scans?


Study shows excess associated with increased risk of secondary cancers, specifically lymphoma.



I am so glad you are doing well! I have followed your journey and your excellent work for the CLL community for many years.

I started ibrutinib three months ago and have great hopes for the future, but would be most interested to hear what you mean by saying in your blog: "there are great options out there for a post ibrutinib world..." Do you mean the promising new drugs and combination of drugs? Or finishing ibrutinib and living healthily and happily ever after?


Sue UK


Not sure about stopping ibrutinib unless MRD- and I am not. Not even sure if I was MRD-. No data to support going off. Thinking about combos or perhaps sequential therapies. We just don't know the best way to "seal the deal."


Brian you are definitely inspirational glad to see your doing great, you and all of us are the database for this disease hopefully we seal the deal soon. Best wishes to you and all.


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