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Hi Everyone,

Hubby had is gastroscopy and colonoscopy yesterday........good news for one part, all normal apart from a hiatus hernia BUT bad news on the colonoscopy......they found a cancerous mass 8cm from the anus, knocked sideways is just putting it mildly, but now we know reason behind the anaemia.......the Endoscopist said it went from 8cm to

15cm. Have already received phone call from the hospital who said we need to keep all other appointments (CLL clinic) and it could take up to 2 weeks before he gets an appt for MRI and CT scan.......for someone who has never had a day of sick his whole working life it seems all his "ships have come into port at once"

One thing we know for sure, our trip to Memphis to celebrate his 70th in May won't be taking place, but his health is more important. I'm scared, losing a son to Testicular Cancer 11 years ago I don't want to lose my husband as well....I love him too much.

Now sat here waiting to hear from CLL Clinic to give us his blood test results from Monday?.....


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Oh Susie, what a blow to you both but thank goodness they've found this now and will no doubt be tackling it quickly. No wonder he had anaemia! It seems a long wait for an MRI and CT scan however but hopefully 2 weeeks is the maximum time wait. There's no way of avoiding the worry and angst in the waiting period but hold on to the confidence that these cancers are usually dealt with very successfully. Having always been a healthy man, this must certainly feel like everything has fallen down on him at one after another. I developed a secondary cancer (malignant melanoma) 18 months after my CLL diagnosis and it's tough. However, just as you will, my husband and myself drew on the strength of each other and got through it. The death of a child is beyond painful and I feel deeply for you both on that terrible loss.

I'm so sorry he's missing the special birthday trip but they'll be opportunities once this is resolved and sorting the anaemia will go a long way to restoring his health. It could be that if he needs treatment for this, it may have a positive impact on the CLL.

Hope the CLL consult is more routine and his other blood results stable.

Stay strong and keep us informed. Best wishes,



Thanks, we are a very strong couple, I'm just not feeling strong at the moment....... will keep you informed .

Susiecarer x


Tough Break SusieCarer, my thoughts and prayers for better news next week. At least he is in expert hands medically and with a loving carer beside him

Take Care



Hi Susiecarer,

I'm so sorry to hear about this. Every day spent waiting for an appt time is a long one, isn't it. You just want the best for your husband.

Please know I'm sending positive thoughts your way.....and I'm so glad you have this group to "talk" to!


Oh Susie, that's such a blow for you. Small comfort I know, but at least now it's found, it can be dealt with. The fact that he has been in good health on the whole has got to be in his favour to enable his body to cope with it all.

I can only imagine how stunned you must feel. Please come here for a rant whenever you feel the need.



I'm so sorry that you and hubby are having to go through this at this time. Praying for positive news next week. We are all here for support when you need it.

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I am so sorry to hear your news but now he has a diagnosis your husband can get the treatment he needs.

Take care both - sending love and hugs for your journey.


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