FCR round 1

Just an update on my first treatment. I was extremely ill with nausea during round 1 but 14 days on I'm feeling better than I have in years. Nodes are down and I feel lighter and brighter. I don't want to frighten anyone waiting to start FCR so just want to let you know how well I'm doing now. I have an appointment with my haematologist to sort out medication before round 2.

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  • That is brilliant. I was the same..A new set of anti sickness will do the job God willing . Well done!

  • Thank you for the update. My husband starts treatment soon although we are still waiting to hear if it is FCR or Ibrutinib. it is always good to hear some positives.

    Wishing you all the best for your future rounds. Keep us posted


  • Good to hear Kenn, hope all goes well from now on.



  • You will feel so good when all is finished. I was surprised how lively I felt and how my body must have for years slowly got less active as I accepted tiredness as the norm of the ageing process not the unknown CLL. Yes, get the anti sickness drugs correct and then you will find treatment can be OK and perfectly livable. Alot of members on this site report tiredness and feelings of nausia on day 3 of each cycle and then two days later normal lifestyle activities. I thought the first cycle was the worst because I expected to be ill and wasn't really!

  • In my husband's experience they can underestimate the nausea. Once they get the anti-nausea regime right the FCR seemed much better

  • After round 6 you will be MRD- and forget the CLL for a vary long time completely. Hopefully forever!!

  • Glad you are doing well now. 1 down, 5 to go.

  • Thanks for sharing your positive news.😀


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