Sudden lump appeared

I've had CLL for many years, just had my W&W check and everything ok, bloods stable (13q deletion so one of the lucky ones). However, I have had endometrial cancer, which they caught at cell stage and going tomorrow for the results of biopsy they took because of a small amount of calcification in my breast, which can be cancerous. Even if it is, and it's not expected to be, it will only require a larger area to be taken and then a round of radiotherapy, but that is worst case scenerio. I also have a underactive thyroid and and overactive parathyroid that the endocrinnologist is keeping an eye on. So far so good. However today, when fiddling with a necklace, I found I had a quite large lump on the end of my collarbone, where it forms a V at the base of throat. Which doctor do I see lol, could it be to do with CLL, or is it one of the others. Puzzled and a little bit worried. Any help gratefully received.

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  • Sending good health and healing to you Sassy. Best wishes-


  • Thanks Bill

  • I'd start with the haematologist on the basis that a swollen lymph node is the first consideration. Ask for an urgent appointment and he will no doubt refer on or do the necessary testing to ascertain the cause.

    Hope all goes well sassy.

    Warm regards,


  • Thanks, will phone the CLL nurse tomorrow. Don't know them all that well yet as moved in June, but I expect they will be helpful.

  • I would assume possibly that the CLL is possibly the culprit so I would start with that and work from there.

    Sending good wishes your way


  • Thanks so much, I've pottered along for years. My partner and I moved in with my Dad in June to look after him (he's 94, I'm coming up 71) and it's been very stressful, maybe that has triggered something.

  • I've often wondered about the role that stress has played as well. Who knows? There has been a lot written about it. I just try now to think that none of the stress could have been avoided, it is what it is, so I try (most of the time) not to look for reasons.

    I understand the stress with elderly parents. Try to look after yourself too. Remember the saying 'milk cannot pour from an empty cup' Easier said than done I know!


  • How true, if I'm up the creek so is he, so to speak. Thanks.

  • Since you have a history of hypothyroidism, this could be a thyroid nodule or cyst. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland with a lobe on each side of your trachea in your lower neck in that V area you described. In some people it can extend inferiorly and be partially sub-sternal. Hypothyroidism secondary to Hashimoto's thyroiditis very commonly presents with thyroid nodules and can become quite large. Your endocrinologist could evaluate this.

  • That's where I have had swollen lymph nodes. Easier to feel them on the collarbone. God bless!

  • Thanks so much for all the replies, seeing doc on tomorrow, couldn't get in before, so hopefully he'll know, I suspect is could be a gland. Unfortunately my breast biopsy showed that although not cancerous, was part of something bigger that could be, so having to have a second larger biopsy this thursday coming.

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