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"Cellular CCTV" provides a new tool to monitor how leukaemia cells elude drugs

"Cellular CCTV" provides a new tool to monitor how leukaemia cells elude drugs

'Scientists have long wondered how some leukemia cells are able to so effectively evade the forces of chemotherapy to pop up again after multiple treatments. One of the leading schools of thought was that they take cover in the bone marrow while the chemical storm passes, but new research has flipped this on its head. Using an advanced imaging technique, scientists have watched as treatment-resistant leukemia cells teased chemotherapy into a high-stakes game of tag, an observation that opens up new ways in which we may be able to stop the deadly disease in its tracks.'

(Note this tool was used to study Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) cells in a mouse model, not CLL cells, but the same technique should work with CLL research

Nature article:

NewAtlas layman's summary of this new research:


Photo: Life struggles on. It's amazing what you find on the beach after a storm on Kangaroo Island This eucalyptus tree remains healthy after having the sand washed out from under it. I suspect the roots you can see trailing to the right into the remains of a sand hill, grew that way (away from the salty sea water) and are still able to provide the tree with fresh water and nutrients.

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Great photo Neil. Kangaroo Island looks very inviting. :-) Interesting the way the tree is thriving, in spite of its difficult environment. Looks like it's made some unexpected adaptations but is doing well. Bit like some of us CLLers, maybe?


Interesting article Neil. it will be interesting to see what happens with this in the future.

Great photo - seeing the root system exposed like that is amazing.



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