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Acalabrutinib trial in Oxford?

I am in a clinical trial in Salt Lake City Utah, receiving 200mg/day ACP-196 since may 2015 with good results and almost no side effects. As I am moving to Germany I would like to continue this trial somewhere in the EU, preferably in Oxford, because I have a son who lives there. Last year a representative of Acerta Pharma told me that there were trials going on in London, OX and Milano in the EU. The Acerta websitew is down and there is no one at Acerta or Astra to contact.

Can someone help me with contact information?

Thank you Clemens

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Here is the NHS clinical trial database link, there does not appear to be an acalabrutinib (ACP-196) CLL clinical trial in the UK at the moment... you can try other search criteria

There is one trial ACP-196 for Multiple Myeloma

You should contact Acerta or AstraZeneca, who owns the drug, for more information...

There is also the matter of a foreign national entering a clinical trial, you need to look into the requirements... once you find a trial... it may matter it may not... but it is something you need to know...

Even moving to German, what are their requirements for medical coverage and treatment? Perhaps there is bridging insurance you can get from your U.S. insurer... these are things you need to look into. If you are employed in Germany, does coverage start immediately or is there a waiting period...?



Clemens I am a patient of Dr Anna Schu in Oxford and she is a CLL/SLL expert and runs a lot of trials, I think if you contact her you may find she can help you.

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