ACP-196 (BTK inhibitor acalabrutinib) Trial

Well, my husband is now at the 12 month point on this trial. Bloods etc are all OK. He had a bone marrow biopsy while we were at Kings last Monday and will find out the results on our next 3 month visit in June. Judging on the results of one of the patients who is three months ahead of us on the trial, the Professor is expecting great results as to the decline of the CCL in the bone marrow. Fingers crossed. Will give update on that in June. Hope everyone else on this trial is doing as well as my husband.


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  • Definitely one of the most promising new drugs in the pipeline. Susan O'Brien comments favourably on ACP-196/acalabrutinib in her OncLive interview referenced here:

    ".... the BTK inhibitor acalabrutinib (ACP-196) has shown promising early signs of activity along with impressive pharmacokinetic data.


    Following the early demonstration of efficacy and tolerability, a number of studies were initiated to explore acalabrutinib. The agent is being looked at alone or in combination with obinutuzumab versus chlorambucil and obinutuzumab (NCT02475681). The pivotal study for this agent will compare acalabrutinib directly with ibrutinib for high-risk patients with relapsed CLL (NCT02477696)."

    Thanks for letting us know how your husband is going; we'll look forward to hearing of his great bone marrow results in June. Sorry you both have to wait so long...


    PS I've modified your title so it can be found via the drug's official name.

  • Neil,

    I remember reading somewhere also that Acalabrutinib's risk of Richters is way lower than Imbruvica. Sounds very appealing to someone able to get it when in need.


    Wish your husband well for me.


  • Where did you read this do you remember? I'm on Ibrutinib so naturally curious what the data is on increase risk for Richter's and is it due to drug or risk factor with unfavorable deletions?

  • Sunny,

    It's always a risk.


  • Thank you

  • I am in the process of being screened for this clinical trial at Stanford with Dr. Coutre.  I am treatment-naive/13q/unmutated/dx 2012/66 yrs old and healthy except for CLL… treatment was not required (tho my CLL is progressive) yet I am but taking a chance on this trial.

  • Good luck, hope you manage to get on it.  Best thing that every happened to my husband.

  • Thanks so much…if all goes as planned, I can start the trial in mid to late April… I hope this  trial continues the journey searching for another effective treatment for CLL…and, ultimately, bring us closer to a cure! When I was diagnosed in 2012, Ibrutinib was still a numbered item without a name.  Thanks to all the researchers and clinical trial participants, we have progressed to this point where there are so many treatments approved and/or in development.

  • I started on the WM trial of this drug mid December 2015 at UCLH...and as far as I can see its doing everything it blood counts are in the side effects...and my tumour burden has halved....

  • Good news Babswade, look forward to the update. Both of you enjoy the in-between time until June.

    My best wishes.


  • Excellent news. My husband is also at the one year mark on this drug. He had a bone marrow test last month. This was his first so nothing to compare it to. CLL still significant in his marrow, but he's doing so well that the doctors are not concerned about it. All his numbers are in the normal range. Told it could take three years or so to reach clinical remission. He's starting to experience some fatigue, but I think it's because he's running and fencing again after five years of not being able to! Life is good!

  • I started on ACP-196 in February 2015. My January 2016 bone marrow biopsy showed a drop from 80% CLL involvement to 30%. I was declared in "partial remission." I have said it many times, I have had no adverse side effects. Other trial subjects that I have talked to have experienced the same success.

  • Am on cycle 12 of acalabrutinib plus obinutuzumab trial. Most recent appointment was Tuesday of this week when I had a BMB and CT scans. Was notified today that blood and bone marrow show no evidence of CLL. I do have 3 stubborn nodes which are greater than 1.5 cm. Was told this could actually be scar tissue. For me, acalabrutinib has been a great drug with very few side effects.

  • Bluejazz,


    Are you allowed to drink alcohol on this trial? This definitely calls for a toast!


  • Alcohol was not forbidden. I agree but haven't done so. Thanks.

  • I came across your post while searching for a clinical trial for ACP-196 (preferably in Canada). This is great news about your husband. Keep the good news coming.

  • Thank you. We have the 3-monthly check-up on 6 June and should know the results of the last bone marrow biopsy then. Will post the results then. Hope you get on the trial in Canada. As other treatment failed with my husband, I really can't praise this drug enough. Good luck.

  • nothing in Canada ( "Thank you" INESSS)

  • There is a venetoclax trial in Quebec City and there should be acalabrutinib trials opening this fall...


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