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Leukemia CLL

Hi, I am 65 years old and have known about my Pelger-Huet Syndrome since 1992 (copie of Leukemia) and about my real Leukemia since 2006, but till now I was without treatment. 2011 though I had breast cancer. It was treated with chemo and radiation. So far so good. 3 months ago they tested me through ER and figured out that there is something wrong with me. This something wrong turned out to be an enlarged spleen. My lymph notes are already also enlarged. So since the spleen is very enlarged they decided on chemo treatment which would work for about 3 years, but my second opinion doctor meant, that since I had already a chemo back then, I could go for a treatment without chemo. Which is ibrutinib. I will start soon, as soon as the postman brings it to our home. Let you all know, who it goes from there...

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Hi Vrenmul

Welcome to the site and thanks for posting. I hope by now that your Ibrutinib had arrived and you've started your'treatment'.

Please keep in touch and let us all know how things are progressing.

Any questions or queries do not hesitate to post and answers will be given.

Best wishes.



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