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Development of infusion-related reactions in patients with CLL treated with obinutuzumab

This paper looks to try and understand infusion reactions from Gazyvaro (obinutuzumab)... study is on going...

As external validation was limited and models were derived using a single data set, these results will need to be corroborated with the generation of further patient data from ongoing clinical studies. The improvement in antibody technology realized by obinutuzumab can confer benefit to more patients if we can better understand how to predict, manage and prevent IRR. This is currently the subject of evaluation in ongoing clinical trials (NCT01905943 and NCT02336048) and these results may shed more light on how best to prevent this immunologic phenomenon.

Full Paper


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Thanks for sharing this.

Interesting that "Patients with higher baseline expression CD20 on their CLL cells were at greater risk for severe grade early IRR..." and "The resulting model was significant for the presence of trisomy 12 being associated with increased risk."

I read the paper twice and need to read it again--willing my brain to take it all in.


Yes, some Trisomy 12 have CD20 'bright' ...lots for the monoclonal to attach too, but it is not uncommon for CD20 to be greater in T12.

Perhaps they need a specific protocol for T12... ?



It's good they are checking for the why. Always remember your comment about thunder and lightening reactions.

Always had reaction to retuximab, so wonder whether it would be same with obinutuzimab.

Time will tell.


Enjoying your range of floral photography.


Thanks Sue...that was Dr. Sharman's quoted... thunder and lightening, but it is very true.

Photography gets me out everyday, so it is part of my on going treatment... I'm using video now to overcome some mobility and tremor difficulties I have... at 60 still images a second there is lots to choose from ... in a video πŸ˜„



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