The unspeakable side effects of a bit of chemo ( bums and faries)

The unspeakable side effects of a bit of chemo ( bums and  faries)

Well, what can I say... Recovering well from the trauma of the first round of FCR BUT now learning that it's not all plain sailing...

Having had the most horrendous diarrhoea last week... Sorry for graphic details .... Which was rancid and bright yellow ... Like piccalilli ... I now have the sorest bum ( anus) in living history. I am not exaggerating! Do not laugh! I have to prepare myself emotionally and mentally when needing to go to the bathroom and then need a lie down to recover from the experience. Giving birth is a doddle compare to pooping😩

I have spoken to others who say their problem is soreness around the vaginal area.... Not nice ....


Love the pic below... Just to make you smile!

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  • Slightly different story but blazing saddles down here in Wiltshire. I think we really need to keep more water down next time.

  • Maybe get a room with a bee day .. Spelling?

  • Oh ouch ouch Bethan, not nice at all. Ask your doctor if you can have lidocaine cream for your bum and keep the cream very cool! Showering the area after each visit will ensure there's no residue to burn and a bidet is ideal if you have one. Also use the wet wipes you can buy for this purpose that are flushable.

    I sympathise with this but am not elaborating on any personal bits or experience on an 'open' post! Lol

    Incidentally I'll never eat piccalilli again!

    I have to confess I wondered what your photo would be when I read you opening email. Very tactful!

    Sending best wishes and I'll avoid making you the butt of any jokes by saying I hope you soon get to the bottom of this problem and find all your problems far behind you! :-)


  • We need a love response button... We've got to laugh 😂

  • Common in the semi-colon army... try pre-moistened baby wipes...unscented, for highly sensitive individuals... fits me to a T 💩


  • Not sure what to say here Bethan except hope things are soon better down udder. Can't wait for next month's instalment.

    Take Newdawns advice.


    Ps come on the boys !!ii

  • Living with Crohn's too this is my norm!

    chilled wipes/bogroll and keep hydrated!

  • A whole new meaning to 'smarty pants' ! Are you playing Johnny Cash's 'Ring of fire'? 😀

    Metanium? Thick and yellow but very good.


  • Sudafed for the Cyclist works wonders

  • Can I ask a question first; How were things pre FCR?

    Myself I've never had a great digestive system. After FCR I'm still taking Psyllium tablets and find they work well for me. Available as capsules from a well known health food store. I can't swallow big pills so split them open into mug of warm water, wizz with a spoon, and down the hatch.

    Do take medical advice before trying these things, and be careful psyllium will I think affect the absorption of your meds as it forms a gell, so may have to avoid during actual FCR.

    If they haven't heard of it, then it is the active ingredient of product Fybogel, but that contains aspartame sweetener which is banned in some countries.

    Do please let us know how you get on, and it would be good to pin this post.


  • Try analsol cream or other over the counter remedies

  • Anusol?

  • Bloody predictive text!

    I had the following message recently.

    "The man who invented predictive text died recently. His Funfair is next Monday"

  • Ha!

  • For those who haven't yet had FCR : this type of side effect is not inevitable! Just sometimes. Very pleased to say not one I had.

    Hope the poster is soon sitting pretty.

  • Many have the opposite problem. We have to pay attention to the messages our bodies send us and be ready to respond.

  • I had the opposite effect but use sudacreme in the circumstances you describe.

  • Post radiotherapy this was a huge problem, anusol should help but uniroid-hc is prescribed and is for anal-rectal use.

    Hope the situation is improving.

    Best wishes


  • I love your honesty and bravery. I'm sending tons of love your way.


  • Good for you for relating your bottom problems - we're all too coy about mentioning them!! Try the good old Vaseline. Works wonders.

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