Glaucoma and monopost side effects

I have glaucoma and have been using monopost in both eyes for a year or so . I have discolouration of the skin of my eyelid and orb of my eye, which is tolerable, but I am also beginning to suspect that the drug is a contributory factor in depression, anxiety and general fuzziness . However there is no mention of this in the side effects. What is other people's experience?

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  • Hi Alison,

    Did you mean to post to the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia community?  I don't know if anyone here may be able to help you, but I suspect you may have mis-posted?


  • Yes, I probably am in the wrong community. Not sure how I managed it. Apologies. Don't mean to clutter up your community! However as you can see it has turned up two responses. How do I get them and me transferred more properly to either lupus UK or BP community?


  • Following the wrong community is easily done but unfortunately it's not possible to transfer the post once answered. To leave this community, just edit your profile, un-selecting the CLL Support community: , then select the green 'Save changes' button at the bottom right.

    Glad you got some useful replies!

  • Hi Alison,

    Not sure if this is of any help but I have had open angle glaucoma for sixteen years now. I have used Latanoprost eye drops for nearly all of that time. Latanoprost is the main medication ingredient in Monopost. I have never witnessed any forms of anxiety or depression whilst taking these eye drops and these symptoms do not appear on the medication notes for this drug. However I can vouch for discolouration of my iris (Increased Iris pigmentation) and increased thickness and length of eyelashes which is very common for this drug. I have not come across discolouration of the skin of the eyelid nor the orb of the eye. Have you spoken with your GP or better still your ophthalmologist? I would contact them and make an appointment soon to have your eyes re-examined just to be safe. Take care and good luck.

    Kevin – Essex, UK

  • Hello. I have the same question like you. I put this in my 2 eyes every days since 7 months. Anxiety appeared about 2 months after starting Monoprost, with palpitations, but nothing on my eyes wich was more relax than ever. 4 months later, i did a panic attack, and now i use benzodiazepine (alprazolam) to calm my anxiety every day. I found Monoprost testing report, and One case of depression was in those tested (1 / 213) but excluded of the potential problems on the notice sheet. You can take a look to the official French governement test of this product (i'm french), here english version, see page 10 : . I notice if i put a very light quantity of monoprost in my eyes and push a lot the lacrymal bag to avoid systemic effects, the next day i'm less anxious. I'll ask my doctor about this next time i'll see her.

  • Interesting. However I mentioned to my opthalmologist that I thought it was causing anxiety, and she said there was no systemic effect. On the other hand, my homeopath, who uses a vegatest machine said that my body really does not like it. I've also found it creates big dark circle around my eyes almost as if someone has punched me. To be honest I've stopped using it for the moment, which may or may not be a mistake. I'm also on low dose steroids, hydroxychloroquine and losartan, which may also contribute to anxiety. Just don't know.

    Thanks for the link. I shall follow it up

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