Live vaccinations?

Live vaccinations?

First of all thank you to all of you at HU. I was only diagnosed 12 weeks ago, am on W and W and 6 monthly blood tests. I had never even heard of CLL so this informative and supportive forum is a Godsend to me as I try to learn about this disease.

We are booked to go on a cruise of the West Indies next January, the deposit paid before we had any idea of my CLL! My concern is that I am likely to need vaccinations and have learned that of course with CLL, we are immunocompromised and can't have live vaccines. I have been " googling " to find out which vaccines are live. Please does anyone have any advice for me ? My other concern is the Zika virus as there is a trip to the Rain Forest, though I could easily sit that one out. The deposit was expensive and we are looking forward to this holiday, we would be sorry to have to cancel.

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  • Hi,

    I normally start off with this website

    I noticed just recently they trimmed it a bit and entries on the site also point to here:

    What I do is print out the relevant pages and then book an appointment to see the nurse at my GP practice. That normally ends up as two visits with her doing a bit of research in between.


  • Many thanks for this useful information.

  • There is no vaccine for Zika, but I would be more concerned about Norovirus, which is seen on cruise ships on occasion. The yellow fever virus is live and some areas require vaccination to enter a region, as is the dengue vaccine, but that wouldn't likely be required.

    The CDC in the U.S. has a section on this and we fall generally in the same category as an HIV patient, however post treatment for perhaps a year we are in the severely immunocompromised category, when CD4 T cell are suppressed...

    This is worth reading...

    The CDC also tracks Norovirus out breaks, but only on ships leaving U.S. ports, it doesn't track ships from other ports.

    You certainly want to have your pneumonia vaccinations, both types, up to date as well as tetanus etc...


  • Thank you for your informative reply.

  • My wife's two oncologists both say "No" to live vaccines if you have lymphoma; dead vaccines are ok.

  • You sounds like you are very early stages, so go and enjoy the holiday!

    Ask you GP (and/or haematologist re vaccines, but as said above, live vaccines are a 'no'

    Ask you haematologist at next visit on any precautions you should take - if they are like mine, they will want you to live life to the full and be supportive!

  • Thank you so much for your positive reply.

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