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Vaccinations newly diagnosed cll stage A

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I was diagnosed with atypical cll stage A (negative for cd23) last year and I have been trying to find out apart from pneumococcal vaccines should I get any other vaccine boosters even if I have completed vaccine schedule previously. All I have been told by haematologist unlikely to need any treatment for cll for at least the next 10 years. My lymphocyte count is 12 x109. Haematologist seemed very vague about what I should have. I am travelling to Cambodia and Vietnam in March. I know I mustn’t have any live vaccines. Travax recommends typhoid hep A and hep B but my local surgery said because had booster in last 10 years don’t need to be revaccinated. Is that correct?

Does anyone have definitive advice on this?

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hi, seems to me someone posted a list of vaccinations not so long ago. I reviewed it for my own purposes but didn’t take note of it or file it separately. Hopefully that person will see your post and get back to you.

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Hi, this post from 2 years ago has excellent advice. See Paula’s post for definitive position on vaccinations;

This is something I posted some time ago;

‘This is a very useful and pretty authoritative chart which may help to base your discussions on with your doctor. Your unique level of immunocompromisation (if there is such a word) seems to be an issue and certain vaccinations may be more useful in the earlier stages of CLL. Live vaccines are usually to be avoided.

Travel to Turkey advises inoculation against hepatitis, rabies and tetanus in particular so these need to be discussed for medical advice and suitability.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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CarpeDiem03 in reply to Newdawn

Dear Newdawn

Many thanks for this. That’s really helpful. I am still very new to this forum and getting my head around how to save posts such as yours with useful advice for future reference

Thanks once again

Kindest regards


Carpe diem

Hi, Maria

If you look at the bottom of your post, you´ll find two key words highlighted. Click on vaccinations and it will take you to a comprehensive post on vaccines.

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CarpeDiem03 in reply to Mijoed

Hi Majoed

Apologies if not understanding but struggling my way around the website how do I go back to my original post as I can’t see two key words highlighted as you say- only option is reply or heart logo. I am not sure how to navigate on this website. Thanks

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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to CarpeDiem03

There are three ways that this website has been set up to show posts likely to be helpful to you:

1) Tags associated with the post you are reading, which are found below the post text. That's where you'll see the [pneumoccoal vaccination] and [vaccines] tags Mijoed mentioned. Clicking on them takes you to other posts with these tags.

2) Related Posts (posts that are likely to cover similar discussion to the post you are reading)

3) Pinned Posts (posts that include generally helpful information)

Where these last post sections appear depends on how you access this site:

- If you use a desktop or laptop computer, the large screen enables these sections to be displayed to the top right of the post you are reading; Related Posts then Pinned Posts.

- If you use a mobile device, that is a smartphone or tablet, due to the generally smaller screen size with these devices, these sections appear below the post you are reading.

You can also enter your search keywords into the [Search CLL Support Association] box.


Dear Neil. Many thanks for your helpful post. 👍

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