The Flyer is in Scotland!

Keswick to Moffatt - Cumbria to Scotland - 78 miles

The Flyer tributes today's ride to Tricia.

It was another tough day with plenty of hills and cycling along the boring old A6. The weather was cold with a bit of rain unlike the lovely sunshine further south. The Flyer was pleased to see the welcome to Scotland sign as he finally feels that he is getting somewhere. He is done in again today and will be having an early night. Only 5 days to go!!!!

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  • Well done Flyer. Amazing commitment day after day.


  • Keep flying Jules.


  • Great progress - hope you have some better weather - Scotland will have its challenge but aways more pleasant without rain.

  • Thank you for your posts Jules can hardly believe you are in Scotland already. May the sun be on your back today. Maureen

  • Well done for getting so far already, feel tired just reading the updates! Go Flier x

  • Keep up the good work Jules, only 5 days! Sounds like a lifetime to me mate, I'm hopeless on a bike, no sense of balance, Terry

  • You are flying! Hoch 'eye the Noo........though I doubt spelling! Weather picking up as your speed blows away the clouds!

  • Wishing you all the best, Flyer... Take care... and enjoy Scotland! A WONDERFUL country. We've just come back from 2 weeks holiday there - sorry we missed you.


  • Well done Flyer! Tricia deserves it. Keep strong!

  • Respect!!!

  • I've never yet been to Scotland, but if I ever go, it won't be on a bike!. I think you are doing amazingly well, and hope the next five days are blessed with fine weather.

  • Flyer we are all behind you, well those of us in Wales & England are now you've crossed the boarder :-) Keep strong

    Please everyone, you can circulate the update of the Flyers progress through social media channels to help him raise as much as possible

    Update for circulation:

    May the wind and rain stay behind you


  • Good job...


  • Wow! You are moving so fast.

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