Thank god for mdanderson

Diagnosed  sometime in October have been to a local community hospital and Yale Hospital smilow. Finally saw doctors at MD Anderson today the difference and doctors between the hospital's is amazing night and day. My counts are really low and I could be on Watch and wait for 10 years considering I'm 47 great news. I used to work there and I know better than going to other hospitals. The most amazing thing is we're leaving the hospital myself and two other people were all actually' happy everybody was having a good outcome and I cannot say that and any other oncology center

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  • That's my goal, watch and wait for ten years plus.  Can you imagine the advancement that will make in the  next ten years?  

  • By the end of your first day at MD Anderson, your fear and loathing is a distant memory. You wonder why you were ever fearful. You are at a great place. Mentally on my first day at MD Anderson, I was on "Last Stand Hill." That was at 6:30am. When I left at 8pm, I was celebrating my good fortune.

  • If there is any "good news" about your cancer, they will have it MDA - a hospital & research center.  I am currently sitting in the waiting room at MDA Lymphoma Clinic waiting to the see the dr & get my results from yesterday's blood draw.  My dr does research 4 day/week & then sees patients on Wednesday.  My diagnosis is SLL & I've been on ibrutinib now for 2 years.  So grateful for the care I get here & the meds that keep me going.

  • Hi Lynn...At MD Anderson do they have overnight or longer accommodations for patients?  I live in Arizona, but thinking of going there for some extra advice.  What can you tell me.  Thanks much.   Carole

  • We've mostly stayed with relatives but here's a link on the MDA website that might be helpful.  I've known patients who've stayed at the Rotary House next door to MDA.  It's very convenient.  There are other motels in the area that run a shuttle to MDA.  Check out this link ...

  • Lynn.  Thank you for the reply.  Carole

  • We have an MD Anderson in Mesa Az.

  • I know we do, Carol.  It's Banner MD Anderson.  I think with all the comments here I would like to go to Texas and check out that one.  All says it's great.  However, I'm hearing they may not take Medi-Care and that I need to check out.  Thanks for the message.   Carole

  • There is a hotel rotary house attached to mdanderson  there's also i want to say sheraton or Radisson on Holcombe 

  • There are lots of hotels to chose from in the Medical Center where MD Anderson is located.  They are all walking distance.  Summers in Houston are awful - hot and humid, so walking can be miserable.  Also there is a light rail system that runs through the Medical Center, so you can stay downtown and jump on light rail.  If you do not stay in the Medical Center, ask the hotel how close they are to light rail.  Also many hotels run shuttles to the Medical Center as it provides a significant part of their customers.

    The Houston Medical Center is mistaken for downtown Houston.  I think that it is the largest medical complex in the world.  When crude drops in price, the Medical Center saves the economy.  The size is mind boggling.

  • This is also true about OSU, which was a vastly different experience than Penn where everyone looked tired and depressed. And I'm 47 and my watch and wait will be < 6 months and I'm still saying that.

    Perhaps the difference is OSU and MD Anderson tend to lean towards more aggressive treatment. My Penn Dr. totally disagreed with Dr. Byrd's second opinion and more aggressive treatment suggestion.

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