2nd amazing mdanderson visit


I love my dr and mdacc. I finally have the real watch and wait reasoning. Take this as my opinion. I believe they are seeing fantastic results with idela and vent.trials. My money is on a crazy great treatment in a year.

Diagnosed 11/15, wbc17k today, great day. I poll all cllers when at hospital my biggest concern was side effects. Every patient i talked to didn't have any. Hope!

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  • Hope you are right Swissnology!


  • Well the clinic is to get to 0 mdr. And then stop treatment and swe length of remission. Another is to treat immediately record results!

  • Idela and v or ibrutinib and v?

  • I was pessimistic until I went to MDA. This speaks to the reason one should go to a place that specializes in CLL and other leukemias. As you point out, you learn a lot from the other patients. The waiting room on 8th floor leukemia wing at MDA is a learning experience. Conversations with other patients quickly develop into group discussions. "Side effects" is a popular conversation. This is followed by discussions of the various drug trials and what is working. Finally, the doctors are brilliant. You are left with the impression that they are one step a head of CLL. At least it leaves you with hope.

  • Hello,

    To know me is to love me everybody and MD Anderson knows me. I had a full life cycle cool Focus Group in the last part of the floor 8 waiting room we had 12 people taking notes talking about everything that is cool it was incredible to the point that my doctor and the charge nurse asked me what I was talking about with these people. I am amazed at how wonderful people are at this hospital and the patients.

    My apologies ibrutinib and vent

  • Not cool spell check, amazing

  • I see that Patient Power is hosting a CLL Town Meeting at MDA for patients & caregivers on Saturday, Feb. 18. I attended a similar conference at MDA back in October 2015. It was great. You can attend on-line or in person. CLL experts: Dr. Michael Keating & Dr. Nicole Lamanna

    Check the Patient Power website for details


  • Hi lynn, u wecomed me early on how are u? I am signed up,, my dr is usually part of PP. cant wait

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