My first treatment

I had Chlorambucil a 6 mg/day ,seven days:1-7 March,with Allopurinol a 300mg/day (11days)

My side effekt was milde haedoche,irritation esophagus,stomatitis,opstipation and shell palm of the hand.Not terrible.

Today lab.:urea,creatinin,AST,ALT Gama GT,electroylits is ok.Acidum uricum 360(155-357)

Se 38 ,WBC 43.6 RBC 3.80 (380-5.80) HGB 121 (110-165) HCT 370 PLT 211(150-390) ALC 37.8# Lymf.86.8%

Mon.5.2 GRAN.8.0% -3.6#

My control hematolgist will be 29 March.

Thanks all for attention.


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  • Be strong and be well Olga!


  • Thank You very much Jeff!

  • That's a great start Olga - your WBC has halved already and your other counts are improving too!


  • Thank You Neil.Your response is very important for me.

  • Dobar pocetak Olga. Samo tako nastavite.


  • Uzbudjena sam!Probudila se nada.

    Hvala draga Lara .Pisaću kasnije.


  • A good start. I'm glad the side effects haven't been terrible, but hope that they lessen with time.

  • Thank You very mutch pkenn.

  • Lglle is not to reduce.

    I see tard..

  • As another who has just got through the first months treatment,I wish you all the best in your fight Olga



  • Thank my friends!


  • I see John ,You are so courage man!

  • Good to hear that things are going in the right direction, Olga. Wishing you all the best as you continue with the treatment.

    best wishes,


  • Thank You Paula,

    You are special for me!


  • Watch out for allopurinol - quite a lot of us have unpleasant side-effects or are allergic to it (maybe 1/3) and I am a bit surprised that it is used so often, TBH - I lost consciousness the last time I took it (just one pill) - if you Google it, you'll see that although it can 'work' for maybe 2/3 of people, 1/3 can have side-effects - sometimes severe. You may well be one of the lucky ones, but be aware and alert to possible reactions. This is a site Llisting patient responses - some good, some not:

  • Rasburicase is an alternative ...used in high risk patients who can't tolerate allopurinol...

    Allopurinol is used to prevent tumor lysis syndrome, TLS in CLL, which can be fatal that is why its use is common...


  • Thank You Chris.

  • I had pain in kidney..I dont know about risk,my hematologist give me 3oomg/(TLS).It is very important information for next cycle.

  • Olga.. remember drink lots of need to flush the dead B cells...

  • Yes,I drink water and other fluid.

  • I was use Allopurinol one day before th,with therapy Chlorambucil and 3 days after therapy.Now not more.

    Acidum uricum is 36o( ref.155-357)?Which risk now?

    I drink fluid ,but I have milde pain in my kidney(one).

    What You think Chris?

  • Olga,

    I don't post much but I just wanted to let you know I am wishing you all the best during your treatment. Stay strong

    Best Wishes,


  • Thank You very mutch KK!

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