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Dr. Stephan Stilgenbauer on clonal evolution from the American Society of Hematology and several educational meetings across the USA


This week in the 2015 Conference Coverage section of the CLL Society website, we have posted an interview with Dr. Stephan Stilgenbauer as he discusses clonal evolution at the American Society of Hematology annual meeting in December 2015 in Orlando. You can see a summary and view his interview here.

This is a critical topic to understand if we are going to avoid resistance in CLL.

I wanted to also share that there will be many good live CLL learning opportunities across the country over the next few months, most with the LRF.

I will be speaking at the big LLS Blood Cancer conference in Anaheim on March 19, and will be at City of Hope in Duarte for the launch of our small education and support group on March 21, and will be at the LRF meeting in Manhattan Beach April 2 with others from our nonprofit CLL Society.

I have all the details on my blog along with a list of several other meetings.

Studies from other cancers show that educated patients live longer. Live meetings, support and education groups, online forums, and credible websites are all great places to become smart about our disease.

If you go to any of the southern California events, please say hello.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


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Great key points summary thanks Brian. Given we aim to be long term survivors until that soon arriving cure arrives, it is so important to understand how critical it is to have a best matched therapy for us individually. Anyone doubting the value of seeking the input of a CLL expert should listen to this interview.


PS, I've entered spaces around your links so that they now resolve.




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