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Out of remission?

My very first post but I have been following for awhile. Exactly when is a person considered out of remission? I was Dx with CLL in 2012. 4 rounds of FCR in 2013. In remission for almost three years. But for the last year my blood numbers have been trending up. White count now 8.2, ACL 3. If they rise like they did in the last three months I will be out of normal range. If so am I officially out of remission?


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Hi... this is bit tricky...

The CLL guidelines state...

5.7. Relapse

Relapse is defined as a patient who has previously achieved the above criteria of a CR or PR, but after a period of 6 or more months, demonstrates evidence of disease progression.

So... progression might be a rising lymphocyte count or it could be enlarging nodes, spleen etc.

I feel you need to wait another 3 months or so to get a complete picture...



Just as I was thinking. Not a one time event but a look at the big picture over a period of time. Thanks for confirming.



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