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Rehearsing being 'In Remission'

Hello all,

I just wanted to say:

"I've finished chemo and I'm in remission".

It's as if I need to practice saying that to remind me that there was an endpoint to the treatment, and that I can now use the word 'remission' to describe my CLL status. Another new word (and world) to learn to inhabit...

I'm still feeling a bit "knocked about" by the chemo to be honest, and spent the weekend in hospital with fever and high grade neutropenia three weeks following my last round of FCR, but I'm home now, and getting on with the business of recovering. I'm back in clinic tomorrow to monitor neutropenia.

Also awaiting MRD test soon, so we'll see if going all six rounds paid off...

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who sent messages and responses of support to the few postings I made throughout my chemo experience. I have been quiet on the forum, but ever-present in the background and following everyone's journeys.

So, I've finished chemo and I'm in remission, and it's a beautiful day..

It's starting to sound okay really :-)

Jules xxxx

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Thanks for this update.

Very nice to have good news on the forum.

Look forward to more good news about your MRD.

Well done, enjoy your new status.



Hi Jules,

Good to hear you're okay and your treatment has gone well. Have you found anything out with regards to your PhD and online management of disease. It sounds very interesting. I am very interested in the limitations and parameters of online support.




Hi Great news. I'm pleased you have gotten through the chemo ( or be it with some side effects) hope the MRD comes out clear. Best wishes and good luck.


Hi Jules!

'In remission' is a very fine expression and as good as we CLL'ers get to the 'Cure' word!

Still some hurdles to climb to get yourself strong and defences robust enough to tackle the student throng! Not that I'd ever suggest they can be anything less than squeaky hygienic and scrubbed up for lectures! (As if I'd dare on a non restricted post! Lol).

Hope the MRD delivers stunning news of nothing to report and you go from strength to strength.

Yes it's starting to sound more than ok and I'm delighted to hear it for you and your family.

* A little self indulgent aside...had my haemo consult today and I'm doing ok (as well as a CLL'er can be expected to do that is!). :-)

Newdawn x


Great news Jules, may your MRD be negative... less than 1 CLL cell in 10,000 lymphocytes!


Nice one Jules, its good to say those words to rimind yourself what you have been through

May you continue on your road to as normal a life as possible.



Congratulations! Good luck with your MRD. Onwards and upwards.


Grrat news ! Xxx


Great news - may you be in remission for as long as possible.


Well done Jules! Look forward to even more good news when you receive your MRD status results. I see my consultant next week for blood test results following FCR so also hope to hear the word 'remission'.

Hope you begin to feel stronger each day. Journey well.


Great to hear you have finished, Jules. I hope your blood counts make a quick recovery to normal levels.


Brilliant news :) xxxxxx


Great news Jules. Like you I am quite quiet on the forum but reading the posts and taking everything in about CLL

treatments, experiences and everyones news. Find it all very helpful. Have had CLL for 4/5 year on W & W so know a bit. Thank you to all.


jules stay possitive!


Dear Jules,

It must be a huge relief that you have finished chemo and can concentrate on the road to recovery. I hope the neutropenia settles down and that you enjoy many years of good remission.

Kindest wishes

Deb Allen xx


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