In Remission

I went to the doctor on Tuesday to get the results. A couple of vials of blood, a ten minute wait for the doctor afterward and he gave me the news I wanted to hear. It's in remission now. I'm back to visiting every three months on the watch-and-wait.

I had a bit of a rough time those few months and now I'm well over a month since my last treatment. I'm feeling good, tired all the time though but he said it's the after effects of the treatment and it will go away in a few months. I can live with that. It's certainly better than before.

Talk about a holiday gift! :)


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  • Great News Randy :), long may it last :)

    Enjoy the holiday and celebrate!! :)

  • Thanks for the update Randy. I'm going through BR+\- idelalisib trial now. 4rounds done. I followed your travels and am overjoyed to hear about your remission.

    Happy Holidays,


  • I'm glad my ramblings were entertaining enough to keep a reader. :)

    How are you doing on the treatment? Four rounds, you are almost home free.


  • This is awesome news!!!

  • Congratulations Randy. Lovely words to hear and a great time to hear them.


  • Wonderful news Randy ... " in remission now ... feeling good "

    Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy 2015, you deserve it.


  • Fantastic news, I had read your previous posts and really felt for you when you were having troubles at work and coping with treatment, so go and enjoy your Xmas and long may it last

  • The best Christmas gift imaginable Randy...enjoy it and long may it last! :-)


  • Merry Christmas, Randy great news and best wishes

    To all Happy holidays.


  • Thank you everyone. There are so many that responding to each one would be another chore to add to my list of things I must get done around the house.

    I read each reply and I had no idea there were so many following along. I have Health Unlocked's messages forwarded to my e-mail so from time to time I'll chime in. Besides, it is remission and not a cure. I just hope for a very long one. In the meantime I hope that I can help out with the experience I had just went through this year.

    May your holiday season be filled with joy and merriment. Let's toast to 2015 with the hope of a cure soon.



  • Brilliant news! Hope the tiredness fades with time. Enjoy life again

  • Great news randy. Wishing you well for a long time. Enjoy Christmas.


  • So very, very pleased for you. "Remission" is such an unassuming word but brings so much joy. Have a joyous Christmas Randy. Well done.

  • Hi. I have only now found your posts. They make very interesting reading as I have had much the same experiences but I have only had 3 out of a scheduled 6 treatments with B&R. I have had so many fevers & hospitalisations that the docs have stopped treatment for now. I have an appointment on Monday with my haematologist to review my treatment plan but I am hoping for the same result as you have had.

    Good for you! What better Christmas gift could anyone ask for!

    Best wishes for a healthy 2015 & beyond.


  • Wow, I'm sorry to hear that Jaypax. I don't recall if I had a fever of any sort although I do remember feeling hot and looking for a way to cool off. Usually a fever is accompanied with chills and I don't recall having one for any length of time. I certainly never ended up hospitalized so I guess I was lucky to avoid those problems.

    I hope they find a suitable treatment for you so you can get some relief. CLL is no fun, especially when it becomes aggressive. The treatments aren't either but afterward hopefully it will be.

    I've heard of remissions lasting many years and some only a few months. When you reach yours may it be the former. May it be many years for both of us.


  • Way to go Randy,best news at the best time of year.Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015

  • Randy,

    It is always great to hear a success story! And you are right about it being a gift and a great time of the year for that! Enjoy your remission and never forget what it took to get there.

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