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After 27 years of marriage, my wife and I are going to take the honeymoon we never had. We're going to Honolulu on our anniversary in a few weeks.

We're in the middle of flu season. I've had my flu shot and all my pneumonia vaccinations ,but is there anything I can effectively do to protect myself during a 5 hour flight in a n airplane cabin full of germs?

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  • I cannot comment about the 'cabin full of germs', other than to say my wife is good enough to always let me have the window seat. I've made several long flights since the end of my FCR treatment and so far have only picked up a cold once.

    One area I have an opinion on (not proven) is that I view the airports as the bigger risk as there are far more people there. I particularly do not like queuing for security and try to get some space around me. I am also acutely aware of sneezers and coughers in the queues. The airport is the area I have most concern about (rightly or wrongly).


  • Whenever I fly I always use a nasal spray, the sort that you use at the first sign of a cold. Although I'm not sure that it is effective, I have never had any problems after flying and it gives me just a little bit of extra confidence that I am doing something to protect myself. I am four years post FCR.

  • Hi

    I know I'm responding to an old post here but I just wondered if you can remember how long you waited, after your FCR finished, before you took your first flight, please? Just trying to prepare for when I have to start treatment - it would be nice to be able to plan ahead and have something to look forward to!

    Thanks very much.


  • I certainly can. My first flight was early April 2013, three and a half months after end of last (28 day) cycle of FCR. This was part governed by the fact that it was a business trip and so covered by the travel insurance of the company. They wanted a letter from my consultant to say he was OK with my travel around Europe (part of my job at the time). As there was a three month detailed checkup early March I waited for that do I got everything dine in one visit to the consultant. First flight a couple of weeks later.


  • Lovely - thanks for the info...very useful!

    Be well🙂


  • I follow a common sense approach:

    - Don't rush to board the plane. This helps avoid passengers passing by your seat and your risk of catching their germs.

    - Try to get a window seat

    - Travel with antiseptic wipes and wipe down your airplane seat's arms, tray table, TV screen and anything else you will be touching during the flight. Also, watch out for the storage pocket and floor. They are notorious for germs.

    - Avoid flying during high flu seasons.

    - A doc suggested rubbing bacitracin on the inside of nostrils

    - Stay hydrated

    - And if you want to be extra careful: Wear a good surgical mask and change if becomes damp.

    Hope these tips help all CLL travelers! Enjoy life!

  • sit near as poss to 1st class ,have a lovely time lin

  • I always insist on an aisle seat so I'm not trapped by someone next to me who is not feeling well. I can turn away at least. It also allows me to get up and move my legs without disturbing others. No overhead blower, also.

  • I agree with Oleboyredw on airports and crowds. I personally go for window seats but since diagnosis with CLL several years ago I have tried to cut out flying as much as possible

  • You will do fine. I went to Hawaii years ago. I very much enjoyed myself. It was everything I thought it would be. Your Doctor could decide to have you take antibiotics.

  • I'm flying from Heathrow to San Francisco in May. I think I might try holding my breath!

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