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Cellular Immunity and 3 Novel Clinical Trials that Harness the Power of the Immune System


Today on the CLL Society website we share two interesting articles:

1. An interview with Dr. John Gribben whom I interviewed at the CRC (CLL Research Consortium) Scientific Meeting in San Diego in April 2015. We discussed his approach to cellular immunity, CAR-T and T cell function in CLL.

2. A patient-friendly summary of three new Immune Antibody clinical trials from MD Anderson Cancer Center. These investigator-initiated trials are exploring how activation of the immune system may lead to killing of CLL cells and get us beyond control of disease to deeper and more robust remissions with no chemo.

Both can be accessed on the What’s New section of our home page:

This Fall has been incredibly busy so far, between traveling to Australia for the iwCLL meeting and an Australian patient support meeting, publishing our first issue of The CLL Tribune (please check it out), and traveling to Brooklyn for LRF’s North American Educational Forum on Lymphoma.

Now we're preparing to go to the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.

As promised, expect updates about twice a week, so please sign up at

SAVE THE DATE: If you live in the Los Angeles area, please consider attending a post-ASH patient education forum and CLL Society LA support group launch in conjunction with City of Hope and LLS scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015. A flyer with more details will be posted in the next week or 2.

Stay strong.

We are all this together

Brian Koffman

Volunteer Medical Director of the CLL Society

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Power to the people, Brian! You, CLL Society, CLLSA community create a level of communication for all. The beast has awakened in me as I am in early relapse, my treating doc recommending a clinical trial in some months for sure. Now beginning to sift through the remarkable myriad of positive possibilities. I will surely consult the collective intelligence residing here as I make my decision. Thanks to you all.


72 yo, healthy

11q, FCR treated, 3.5 yr remission til relapse onset 5/15

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Bud, thanks for the kind word. Consider a clinical trial and be sure to get a FISH if your's is not very recent. Brian


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