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Ibrutinib + FCR Phase II Study

My wife Michele began treatment with Ibrutinib last week, one week prior to FCR chemo as part of a Phase II Study of Ibrutinib Plus FCR in Previously Untreated, Younger Patients With CLL (iFCR), NIH Trial Number: NCT02251548. The goal of this study is to be cancer free (minimum residual disease MRD - negativity) two months after therapy! The Ibrutinib proved particularly effective at shrinking the "lime-size" lymph nodes distending her abdomen and "grape-size" ones in her neck and chest. Yesterday concluded her 3-day Ibrutinib+FCR combo regimen and was successful – no side effects, albeit I encouraged her to sleep-in today.

Michele will be reporting on CLL as a patient undergoing treatment, patient advocate & reporter for Patient Power - a Web based resource for patients: Her video blogs during treatment will be put on the Patient Power web site next week and her initial video posting can be found on the PP European site:‎.

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