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LETTER FOR YOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT RE: Proposed delisting of Bendamustine and Ibrutinib from The Cancer Drugs Fund list.

It's in our hands - now is our time.

Fortune favours the brave.


A Man on a mission

I am pretty persistent or / also a pain the arse but we need to do this.

I have been plugging away at some of the LLR /Bloodwise groups to sign the petition of Anna Schuh

I had to leave one for being over persistant / a pain ...... mind you I have been in spot of bother here on a few occasions :)

Anyway these guys raise funds for LLR / Bloodwise but to try to wake them up and smell the coffee to sign a petition for something that will save lives is difficult- but I will not be beaten :)

I am on watch and wait and at the moment I do not need these drugs and I might not but there are many that do and I am doing it for you all

Had another fundraising stall last Monday brings the total for the bike ride to 11590.01

LLR / Blood wise have asked me to be a Patient Ambassador not sure what it completely entails but will see.

PS don't forget to let Tricia know when you have done your letters

Take care everyone

The Flyer


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1 Reply

  • Done Flyer!!

    Keep em on their toes!

    How many signatures on the petition now?


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