Sad news

When i first had chemo the nurse who was treating me sat me next to a fella called Freddie. A very thoughtfull gentleman who talked me through my horrible reaction to rituximab. He was a real inspiration and calming influence. Amazingly it turned out we only lived in the next village and we became good mates as did our partners. Sadly he contracted pneumonia a few weeks ago and lost the fight saturday.

RIP mate you will be missed.

The purpose of this post? You will never know how many moments treatment buys you. Use them wisely and fully and make everyday count 200%.

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  • How right you are! Peggy

  • Sympathy to you and your wife at the loss of your friend. We never know whose help will be the wind beneath our wings.

    Take care, Best wishes


  • Amen. 👼🏻

  • So sorry for the loss of your friend. Take good care.

  • So sorry .

  • Treasure your memories grizzlebear.


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