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Anyone Know What Theses Cells Are Found In My BLOOD

Anyone Know What Theses Cells Are Found In My BLOOD

I suffer low Igm and just finished curse of vitamin D3 stuff .. Under my microscope I have never seen stuff cells like this before.

Are these them Free Light Chains or Cast's (Blood)

Have seen a few post going on about heavy and or light chains .. So am just after some much valued feedback on what you think theses cells might be in my blood smear under microscope.

Cheers :)

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Gee...that's what pathologists do...you might want to consult one... πŸ˜†

That is not a blood smear it is a tissue sample...



Heavy and light chains kappa and lambda are part of a flow cytometry...

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Hi Cllcanada Cheers is a blood smear .. I don't really know what the are have been given run around with other issues masking each other .. a don't think it's good em floating round my blood like that.

Thanks for link reply :)


Simple.. go to a major hospital in your country and get a full work up.

If you tell us your country we can try and find you help...

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Cheers yer am in UK ... Had few blood test BUT it's only now am having Immunity one's done that's how the found out I was suffering low Igm and my vitamin D had vanished

Am seeing gi & liver doc over stomach trouble Monday so might ask him BUT in uk everything's a secret with them

My last doc nearly killed me when I had sepsis I don't want em to do that again that's why am asking questions Defo better of knowing no matter what in my opinion

Cheers thanks for help replays


I'm not a scientist, but I don't think you could see free light chains on an optical microscope. Every photo I find of antibodies is from an electron microscope.

If casts exist in you, them seem to be related to urine tests and renal failure:


I find it interesting that you're doing your own science investigation. I think the difference between the state of the art and the amateur ability is vast, though. I've been taking free online courses to learn more about cancer, genetics, and immunology. The scale of complexity from gene to protein to cell is much greater than I ever expected. You can see a little of the scale here:


You might enjoy taking an online immunology course coming up again in October:


You do need some introductory biochemistry background to make sense of a lot of it, though. They tend to focus on abstract representations of light chains and cells, though. It's not focused on pathology very much, but I came away with a very good idea of what heavy and light chains are, how the different antibodies are structured, and how they recognize antigens.


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I have low IgM 26 mg/dL (results state standard range is 45 - 281 mg/dL). My VitD is 43 ng/dL (range 30 - 100 ng/dL). What I am wondering is that I see conflicting information as to what is low IgM. i remember seeing range for IgM specified as 29 +/- 8 mg/dL. Might you or someone know what range is being observed as low. Is there anything one can do to bring this number up?


Normal IgM range varies depending on your laboratory. Here are some ranges I've seen:

29 - 214

40 - 200

40 - 230

45 - 281 from you

50 - 220

50 - 300

So low IgM can be anything from less than 29 to less than 50! That's why it is more important to monitor the trend in your results and see how they compare (with upper and lower limits from the one laboratory) rather than comparing your results with a range from another laboratory. My IgM was 37 at diagnosis and is now 5. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to raise it, as it is the first immunoglobulin made by newly mutated B-lymphocytes. The healthy B-lymphocytes get suppressed by the clonal B-lymphocytes (I think by the way the clonal B-lymphocytes suppress helper T cells, which are needed to work to mature the B-lymphocytes into cells that can make IgM). Then when you finally need treatment, that suppresses all B-lymphocytes, clonal and healthy...


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Thank you Neil I wasn't sure if my Low IgM was the cause of my CLL or as you so knowledgeable inform the result of my CLL. My Local Onc Doctor was not sure the significance of low IgM. I have been picking up everyone's colds last winter season and am starting to piece my infrastructure of knowledge together since being diagnosed CLL November 2014. Normal by Fish, IGHV Mutated (5.8), beta2 (1.6), Zap 70 (negative), cd38 (negative).... WBC (25K), ALC (20K), Igm (26). I am just starting my journey at age 56 years old. Regards from the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area...and Thanks!


Your oncologist should have informed you that you have a good set of prognostic factors. (A beta2 (B2M) of less than 2.1 correlates with a median survival time of over 12 years for instance.)



You might like to use this new workbook to record all that and track your CLL:



He did, and I felt relieved, somewhat. But I have small lymph nodes all over, and under rib sensations (both sides), that I assume are also lymp nodes or an enlarging spleen. That makes me think treatment is on the horizon (near or far horizon..... who knows). I was hoping to avoid FCR as first treatment. In clltopics it stated....it was interesting to note that in the FC vs FCR European Study patients with "normal" FISH results did not do very well with FCR. So information is King (for all of us) to navigate whats ahead.



Don't cherry pick your data... time marches on...that article was written 5 years ago... there are some updated reports, which might tell a different story...

~chris 'normal' and transformed...

I miss Chaya! Hope you are enjoying life! We will always share out birthdays πŸ˜€

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Hi I have low Igm and vitamin D was vanashingly low infections well I am permanate antibiots.

The did think it was lung issues but I think they was masking real issues .. Everything is still up in the air with my symtoms issues BUT I was reading infusions put you more at risk of bactrial fungus infection IS that true


Hi Cheers yer I have read all sorts trying to track down my own issues causes of my infections

WAS reading those of us with iga Igm etc defects are more at risk as labs can't grow cultures for bactirea fungus

I look at my own abnormal blood cells under microscope and read my blood test results and my B12 is 250 ug/L and my platelet count is 210 10*9/L & my Igm is 2.2 ... O and my vitamin D was 7

On the surface things don't seem that bad but when you look closer at bigger picture It's like a due a serious fall ESP the more you read

As to privacy it's not a major concern I think talking like we do helps others and much valued research


D3NIS, go get some proper testing and medical advice...

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Hi cheers yer am undergoing test at moment currently am under a nuroligest, lung specialist , gi & liver specialist for my various symptoms.

I guess the penny will drop eventually with them


Hi yer it was nuroligiest that ordered immune test only one that come back low was the Igm one and my vitamin D.

That in it's self with psoriasis new flar up's is not a great sign by all accounts

I had not thought about others and privacy when doing post :) will take it on board next time tho ... thanks for heads up :)


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