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Sooo is it a new problem to see Lymphoma cells in my blood work??

WBC4.00 - 10.80 K/uL19.24H

RBC3.85 - 5.15 M/uL 4.57

HGB12.0 - 15.3 g/dL13.3

HCT36.0 - 45.2 % 40.9

MCV81.5 - 97.5 fL 89.5

MCH27.0 - 34.0 pg 29.1

MCHC32.0 - 36.0 g/dL32.5

RDW11.5 - 15.5 % 14.3

PLATELET COUNT140 - 400 K/uL230

MPV6.6 - 11.1 fL 9.4

SEGS40 - 75 % 12L

LYMPHS18 - 42 % 79H

MONOS1 - 11 % 6

EOS0 - 6 % 3

ABS. SEGS1.8 - 7.7 K/uL 2.31

ABS. LYMPHS1.0 - 4.8 K/uL 15.20H

ABS. MONOS0.0 - 1.1 K/uL 1.15H

ABS. EOS0.0 - 0.7 K/uL 0.58



This is my new blood work. I stopped taking the CBD oil for this past 3 months. Been taking everything else and a lot of ginger tea. I am wondering about my SEGS count, Isn't that how well I can fight infection?

I am boardline panic over seeing Lymphoma this a normal thing to see?

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CLL is a lymphoma that is likely referencing your absolute lymphocyte count (ALC)


ABS. LYMPHS1.0 - 4.8 K/uL 15.20H

This is the number to watch for CLL progression once it gets over 30K, under that the count will bounce around a lot from test to test...

Look for trends over a year... when that count gets over 30K and doubles in 6 moths, it triggers a pretreatment discussion and many other things are considered... it is referred to as lymphocyte doubling time.. or LDT.



So its not like Im dealing with a whole new cancer?


Thank you. Im releasing the panic attack

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Well, I have actually had the experience from going from CLL to diffuse large B cell lymphoma (and back perhaps... 😜) ... and it is usually in the nodes or bone marrow and diagnosis is made by a biopsy

Once again...if you have concerns call your doctor...



Hi Goneblonder,

CLL is a Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Lymphomas (tumours of the lymphoid tissue) are nearly always due to clonal B-Lymphocytes (as they are in CLL/SLL), but can sometimes be due to clonal T-Lymphocytes.

I'd say that "Atypical lymphs present, smudge cells present, reactive lymphs few, lymphoma cells present" are all just variations in your pathology laboratory's 'informative remarks' on your higher than normal lymphocyte count. By all means ask your specialist about this, because while comments about atypical, reactive and smudge cells are by no means uncommon, I don't recall another patient mentioning a "lymphoma cells present" comment on their blood test report.

Here are the relevant extracts from your blood test results posts:

2 months ago

After my first Blood work My white blood count went from 23000 to 13000

i.e. Initial WBC 23, next WBC 13

1 month ago

WBC 18.20H





ABS. MONOS0.0 - 1.1 K/uL 0.36

ABS. BASOS0.0 - 0.2 K/uL 0.18

ABS. SEGS 3.09

Eosinphils (EOS) not reported

i.e. WBC 18.20, ALC 14.56, Segs/Neutrophils (ANC) 3.09


WBC 19.24H




ABS. MONOS0.0 - 1.1 K/uL 1.15H

ABS. EOS0.0 - 0.7 K/uL 0.58

ABS. SEGS 2.31

Basophils (BASO) not reported

i.e. WBC 19.24, ALC 15.2, Segs/Neutrophils (ANC) 2.31

So your WBC count (which remember is mostly lymphoma cells when you have CLL) has varied as follows: 23, 13, 18.20, 19.24. That would be considered stable (normal variation) by your specialist.

Your ALC (your B and T lymphocytes) were 14.56 and 15.20 respectively. (Incidentally that's virtually unchanged, because ALC reproducibility is typically +-0/5, so if you took repeated measurements from just one blood sample, you'd get a number of results around 14 and 15.)

So most of your WBC variation over the last month is due to your monocytes (MONOS) - up to just above the normal range and nothing to worry about and segs/neutrophils, which as you noted are your first blood delivered line of defence against infection. Your neutrophils have changed from 3.09 to 2.31 in a month, both well within the normal range of 1.8 to 7.7. I've seen reproducibility figures of +/-0.1 and +/-0.25 for ANC accuracy, so your neutrophil counts have indeed changed in the last month, but this is entirely normal.

Analysing results this way is laborious and is where a picture is definitely worth a thousand words, so you might consider plotting your blood test results using either of the spreadsheets provided here:



Thanks Neil, this is the kind of support I am on here for. I know I have a lot to learn and respect your knowlegde of years of dealing with this. By the way, the last blood test was 3 months ago. So these changes took place in a 3 month time frame.


Dear Goneblonder,

Why did you stop taking the CBD oil?  Were your blood tests better when you were using the oil?  Just curious.  I hope someone can answer your blood count results for you.  Good luck.



yesI think they were better, I have been trying to see if the CBD oil works better than the B17. I worry that CBD will show on a blood test, should my job ask for one. 


"The side effects of laetrile 'B17' treatment are the symptoms of cyanide poisoning. These symptoms include: nausea and vomiting, headache, dizziness, cherry red skin color, liver damage, abnormally low blood pressure, droopy upper eyelid, trouble walking due to damaged nerves, fever, mental confusion, coma, and death."

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I read the negitive reports on B17 as well as the postiive ones..Thanks though for your concern...I also don't see any side effects from chemo that I want, but it is what is pushed as the right choice, and I'm not saying its not...I'm just trying not to get there. I am not asking anyone to make the choices I'm making. I'm just fighting the way i'm comfortable with..


I took B17 for 2 months with no ill effects, and my ABS Lymphs went from 16.20 to 14.56..was it the B17 or the combo of that and CBD oil? That is what i'm trying to figure out...Or did it have nothing to do wtih it all??

 In the blood work we are all watching the ABS  lymphs, rather than the that true for the ABS Monos, and ABS Segs and ABS EOS  ?


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