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My husband and I (sound like royalty don't we) both had appointments with our haematologist today. I'll start with the simplest one (me) my WBC was 48, everything else normal, so follow up appointment in 4 months. Ken on the other hand, much more complicated, good news is his platelets are up to 57. Nothing much else to celebrate unfortunately, we were hoping he was going to be able to go on Idelalisib but a blood test he had taken showed that he has had hepatitis B at some point in his life (god only knows when) and unfortunately because of this his application was knocked back, and because of other medical problems (he has heart failure) his haematologist is unwilling to risk giving him this drug. He has an appointment with CLL specialist at Christies in a month so hopefully he will be able to give us better news.

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Let's hope that his appointment next month will sort him out. The trouble with CLL is that people seem to spend a lot of time just 'waiting' . Hard to accept. Please let us know how he gets on. Best wishes. Peggy.


Hope your Husband gets the news he wants next time.

Best Wishes


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