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Kathryn's 8.6 mile Fun Run for CLL Support Association

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Well done Kathryn for successfully completing the Great Midland Fun Run on the 31st May, in a time of 1hr 46mins over a distance of 8.6miles.

Kathryn has raised £317.00 for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Support Association (CLLSA)

You can continue to support Kathryn via her just giving page justgiving.com/Kathryn-Aldhous

Kathryn's story

“Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia is a cancer of the White Blood cells and one of the commonest cancers in the western world, yet it still isn't a well-known disease.

A few years ago, after attending for a routine mammogram, a close relative of mine was found to have inflamed Lymph Nodes and was diagnosed within 6 weeks of this routine appointment as having CLL. Since then, they have gone through a course of chemotherapy and are thankfully in a remission stage but we never know how long for. The sad side of CLL is that it cannot be cured so there will always be good times and bad times with this disease.

CLLSA are a patient led charity that support CLL patients, their families and their carers. They provide opportunities for patients to gain more relevant and current information on the treatments of the disease, meet specialists in the Haematology world and provide education days so that patients and their relatives can understand more the cause and nature of CLL.

It is vital that we support this charity and spread the word of CLL so that more is known about it.”

Please donate via Kathryn’s just giving page justgiving.com/Kathryn-Aldhous


3 Replies

Thank you kitty for being the best daughter in law in the world supporting the cllsa means a great deal to me the conferences gave me great support and information when I needed it most.

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Well done! Thanks for your great result, hope it was fun for you. Cheers!


Well done Kathryn,

Brilliant work!

Thank you!


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