Sponsored run for CLLSA

Sponsored run for CLLSA

In just over a week’s time, my son David is doing a sponsored run. These are his words:

“Hi friends, This year I've chosen to race the Great Birmingham Run for a cause very close to my heart. As many of you know, my mum suffers from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia, so I wanted to raise money for a charity that has really helped her over the last few years. If you would like to sponsor me, just click on my justgiving link below:”


JustGiving sends your donation straight to CLL Support Association and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer.


P.S. The photo was taken MANY years ago. It shows David and his brother running towards their Dad. They have always loved to run. :-)

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  • Hi Paula

    you have helped and supported many on this site, and your pinned posts for the newly diagnosed are really helpful. We have reason to be grateful for all you share with us.

    I'm sure many of us will support David, even if we don't say here.

    So c'mon we CLLers, this charity is ours.

    Best wishes as you continue your treatment Paula,


  • Thanks Bub. :-)

  • Just donated, running in a hulk costume, brave boy, so grateful for people that raise money for OUR society,don't know how I would of coped without this site and parent site,and Paula's helpful posts👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Thanks 9876 :-)

  • Delighted to be able to help Paula and well done your son for wanting to help us all! x

    Made me think this morning of that deeply inspirational song by breast cancer survivor. Melissa Etheridge, 'I run for life!'. Hope it's ok to post this...the words and the sentiments are so apt for all cancer battlers and the people who 'run' for them.


  • Thanks Newdawn. :-)

    And thank you so much for the song. I've listened to it twice now, and each time the tears were running down my face...

  • Yes I must admit it has the same effect on me Paula! :-)

    Hope he does really well and hope you're bearing up well at the moment to your treatment.

    Warm best wishes,


  • Without people like David and Julian where would we be .This is our charity .

    I have donated I hope others do too 😀

  • Thank you, PE1234 :-)

  • Done. Peggy

  • Thank you Peggy :-)

  • Thankyou Dave i have just donated x Maggie [Sunflower]

  • Thank you Maggie Sunflower :-)

  • Hi David,

    If the run get's tricky at any stage then just growl and tear off the Hulk costume ? (normal running kit on underneath of course) and leg-it for the finish line.

    The very best of luck on Sunday.

    Hi Paula,

    Hope the treatment is going ok.

    Best WIshes,


  • Thanks Ernest - I'll pass your suggestion on to David. (About growling and tearing off the Hulk costume!). :-)

    Take care,


  • You forgot about wearing underwear underneath!!!

    Could'nt help it. Sorry.


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