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Great CLL Holiday Insurance (possibly UK only)

Going to Greece shortly (again - absolutely love it!!) and so read a few posts on here for some holiday insurance options. The first wouldn't even give me a quote:


:-o so I searched the forum again and found this firm:


Went through their online medical screening process which was fairly quick (about 10 questions IIRC) and their online questions really seemed to understand the CLL condition, asking only relevant and seemingly informed questions.

I had a brilliant quote (£30 for single trip European cover).

Very happy to be 'legit' for the trip, so thanks to whoever found and recommended this firm

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Thanks for posting this. I travel to the US from the UK several times each year and the insurance has been getting harder to afford. I ran a quote with this company which was about half my regular so I will be switching. It was certainly nice to be asked proper questions about CLL.


Thanks for information. I have used stay sure for 6 night break in New York, I realise health care is expensive in USA but £253 and I'm only stage 1 and not receiving any treatment. I'll try this company for next trip.


Thank you Spike for your post, holiday cover is so expensive after diagnosis and treatment so great to hear about this company. I will certainly contact them for my next trip as I too like to travel whenever possible.

I wish you a great holiday: enjoy!



Thanks, this is helpful. I've used Saga in the past, but the premiums this year shot up. I looked on this site and found Insure and Go and booked through them as they offered good cover at a much lower price. But i've just done a quote through World First and they're even cheaper, with a much lower excess as well, for similar cover - I'll definitely look to use them in the future.


No problem. I'm glad others have found it as easy to use and as reasonable as I did.

I think their strength over other providers is that they don't immediately panic at the mere mention of CLL. In fact, they seem to know a lot about it so perhaps they have some personal knowledge of it and/or a medical background??


Thanks for sharing....you have saved me loads of time ! Have a fab holiday !

Maria x


I too would recommend them based on previous years. I was going to renew with them in April but did not. I had a knee op in Feb and had physio for several weeks after. Because I was within three months of the end of the physio they added a £60 uplift. So, I delayed. I will re-apply in August when my three months is well over. Other than that I'd have signed up for another year there and then.



I used the first company you mentioned ' traveladder' last year after someone on here recommended it. I did it online, was asked some medical screening questions and then it gave me a list of insurance types to choose from. Very straight forward. I'm watch and wait treatment naive. Cost about £120 for myself and three other family members for a fortnight in Europe.


Hi All,

I have used World First - a couple of times and also brought travel insurance for our forthcoming mediterranean cruise.

I have always found them helpful when phoning them -- and using their online questionnaire is so simple -- (but have blood test results to hand.)

The only thing i would add is the inclusion of your spouse on the travel policy ---then if the worst happens and you have to be flown home on a special flight -- your spouse comes home with you!




Thanks for that, I have just turned 70 yoa so my insurance co refused me after years with them.


Hi, no idea if this thread is too old, I could not find newer .....

I have CLL and got insurance from World First last year for a summer holiday. One year later, no change other than higher WBC count (still no treatment) but World First won't insure.

World First seem to have substantially changed the questionnaire and declaration criteria, is this just me or has anyone else noticed?

Any other tips for insurance?


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