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Holiday Insurance - my recent finding

Folks, I know this comes up frequently so thought I'd share my experience.

Background: CLL and Hypertension for me, treated with FCR second half 2012. Plus second person (my wife) with no declared problems. Travelling to USA for 2.5 weeks in November.

Of the companies I checked no-one would do multi-trip (I think because I have two declared issues and USA).

Checked several by phone and web range other than the one I picked was £350-£600. One even dropped the price on the phone from £500 to £450 and seemed to think they were doing me a favour.

Ended up going with World First which was £189.77 including a £62.74 excess for me.

I have no affiliation with World First, other than this one use of them. I did not have to claim so no idea how they would have been in that situation however, they were less invasive than some.

(Updated to make it clearer that the price included the excess - was ambiguous before)


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That's very useful to know Rob. Can I enquire whether World First insured you for a single or multi trip? Thanks,



Hi Newdawn,

Single trip only. Of course going to USA is likely to generate biggest price, roughly the geographic areasseemed to be:

1: Uk

2: Europe

3: rest of world excluding USA and Canada

4: rest of world including USA and Canada

An extra interesting point.

i started getting quotes about six weeks before travel and got rejections because it was more than a month before



Thanks for that Rob, pricier and harder to obtain travel insurance is one of those burdens that comes with the territory it seems!


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I have the same problems. I was diagnosed in 2008 and still in watch and wait, haven't needed treatment. I have close family in the states and have to go there frequently. I was there for 1 month in Oct/ Nov and got insurance through an on line broker Insurance With and a company Sapphire ST for £139. I have found it impossible to get multi trip cover

for travel to North America


I will add Sapphire to my list next time thank you. However as I've had treatment my results may be different. Rob


Very useful discussion and I will need this for next summer when going to States.

I notice there are several strands under 'More like this' (do these change over time? or are they pretty static?) titled Travel Insurance, Multi-trip insurance and Holiday Insurance......but nothing under 'Browse by Category' titles.

Would it be useful to group all insurance under one easy-to-see category for future easy reference?


Hi Quarry

Using search "CLL insurance" these all came back;

I was diagnosed last week with CLL. I intend to go to India for Christmas and New Year. How will this affect my travel insurance?

Multi trip insurance

Travel Insurance

Holiday Insurance - my recent finding

Travel Insurance - Update (sorry about the delay)

Hi everybody Ill be 18 months clear after my chemo next July &want to go on holiday- has anyone been able to get worldwide travel insurance?


The "more like this" list has only recently been active,I am not sure how it selects? Will raise this with HU.

Thank you bringing this up



Another thought....last time I went to States, my insurance was happy to not charge anything extra on condition that any CLL-related treatment was not covered. I was on steroids at the time, so this included any steroid-related problem, which increased risk (side-effects of steroids)

I took risk nothing would happen and mercifully it did not.

Personal choice/risk obviously: I would do it again (taking out insurance say 3 months before to going, if only CLL at time so v v unlikely for anything to happen (I am mystified why insurance companies can't see this, but then they just want to off-load any risk even if zero!), as it is so unlikely that CLL will suddenly progress from veyr dormant to needing treatment in 4 months.....


I can appreciate that a loading is appropriate to cover the risk of costs related to an emergency admission to hospital or changes in your travel pans due to illness or side effects from prescribed drugs, but if your immunity is OK and you aren't on any CLL related prescriptions, then the loading would seem inappropriate.


Remember, all companies exist to make a profit to pay dividends to its shareholders. If you start from that premise you can see how they work and why they load policies.

I'll be doing more work on this next year all being well :-)

Please keep sharing if you find anything even vaguely interesting.

Good idea to unhook the CLL, but one I would not do, just like insurance companies I like to manage risk closely.



Hi Rob

It will be interesting to read your findings next year. Me and the missus are off to the States in 2016 for our 25th anniversary so all info relating to travel insurance will be much appreciated.



I think catastrophic travel insurance is a good idea. I have known a few CLLers, travelling from Canada to the southern US, Cuba and Mexico, that have landed in hospital due to food/water borne illnesses....

In one case the patient had an extended stay in hospital in the U.S. and eventually was flown home... thankfully they had travel insurance, which permitted transport.

A simple stomach bug that most people get over in a few days, can become a major medical problem for the immunocompromised.

Better to have coverage than take the risk... the chances you will need it is slim, but remember sepsis can kill... and if it doesn't... the bill for a week in hospital probably will. ;-)



Being in Australia since infancy I'm following the UK posts (UK born more years ago than I want to know!) until I get familiar with the topics. Nothing like this Down Under I've been able to sight. Have had indolent CLL for 3 years with no noticeable effects or change .Maybe my exercising with a brief "run on the spot" (300 times) before showering plus a multivitamin daily helps having done it for years. O/seas Travel insce having declared Indolent CLL seems to be a no-no here presently but still checking. Will UK companies insure overseas clients?Thanks in advance for any info.


If any of you coming to the states will be in Southern California, be sure to give me a heads up! It's fun connecting with on line friends in person. I had a delightful lunch with Andrew Schorr last weekend when his family was at his in laws' for Thanksgiving.



Pat, what a cooll idea, we dont have to stay hidden behind our glass panes. I'd never thought of this. My apologies to anyone in Arizona, sorry for ignoring you. Anyone heading through Derbyshire(UK) i the future let me know.



I agree, it would be great to meet up with folk in person. Anyone out there who lives in Sheffield??? Rob, we are only 10 minutes drive from Derbyshire (though I think you live the other side of the Pennines to us).



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