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Travel Insurance with CLL (UK based)

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I was diagnosed Stage 1 CLL in February. No treatment at present or planned.

Any recommendations on travel insurance before I investigate further and declare to my existing insurer (free though my banking) or look elsewhere.


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This is a post I did 3 yrs ago on the various insurance companies who seem good with pre-existing conditions. You’ll need to check them out for current availability;

You shouldn’t have too many problems with travel insurance at this stage however.


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Stretch47 in reply to Newdawn

Thank you!

As Newdawn suggests a lot about travel insurance on this site.

Time consuming and variable in price.

My experience from travel insurance included in my monthly bank fee is that they won’t insure you for CLL unless you pay extra. And then their associated insurance companies may not cover medical travel insurance.

So a mine field.

But you’ve got to inform your bank insurance if you have been diagnosed with CLL as any excuse to not pay out.

If you have booked the holiday before diagnosis your bank will cover you.

So, talk to your bank insurance and see if you can get a quote and then start browsing the many companies.

I gave up my paid bank account to a free account because I couldn’t get travel insurance.

Good Luck

If you or either of your parents have been or ar in uk services the Services Pension Society do an Axa policy with no questions asked need to join the society (£35 ish) and they are happy to discuss before you do that

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devonrr in reply to RosettaClapp

Same with the Civil Service. But not my profession☹️Worth exploring any work related benefits.

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RosettaClapp in reply to devonrr

I am eligible because my dad was in the navy during ww2 ..Im sorry you cant access it

Hi, when I google this , all I can get is the "Forces Pension Society" is that the same thing. My Dad was also in the UK navy during WW2 so I hope I may be eligible.

yes sorry for the mix up ..give them a ring and they will talk you through it before you commit you will need your Dads service number but you can easily look that up on line

I never actually got to go because Covid arrived but Boots seemed good. They rate you on your level of lymphocytes it seemed. My Bank travel Insce refused me.Peggy

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devonrr in reply to Peggy4

Thought I’d have a look at Boots. Sadly they’ve stopped taking on new custom, just existing. Cleared2go gave a good quote when I was browsing for Canada but I’ve not read the details yet before I commit. Oh the joys of medical travel insurance.

Hi, I have just googled Cleared2go and it only comes up with Covered2go is that the same ? Do you have a link by any chance ? Thanks

Apologies. It’s Covered2Go. Senior moment 🤔

Thank you. All very strange though. I just tried to get an online quote from them and they declined (for an annual policy). I'm on W&W , never had any treatment.

That’s disappointing to hear. Hope you get on well with Cleared2go. Update please.Peggy

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