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Making the most of our lives - do you have your bucket list??

Here are some videos that I have found since being diagnosed which help show one persons approach to his diagnosis for pancreatic cancer - so a much more time significant prognosis than most of us with cll.

Fell better each time I watch this

Since diagnosis time management should be a significant part of our lives to get the most out of it as health allows. This one should be watched at least one a year.

I just came across a very thought provoking film 'The bucket list' - on bbc four late last night - well worth a watch if you can.

Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.

We should all have our bucket list and try and ensure we have lived out our childhood dreams

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Inspiring and thought provoking stuff Myrddin. Thank you for posting.

I just want to fill my bucket so full that it gets too hard to kick!

Newdawn x


Bucket list for everyone whether diagnosed or not - how many of us have lived out our childhood dreams - or even remember what they were!!!


My bucket list is simple, just do what I want and need to do each day.

So many of my childhood dreams don't reflect who I am as a person today.

Sure, I could head off and do some of those things but that would mean compromising the brilliant way my life is set up now and how it looks after really important needs. For example, I love my garden and it nourishes me, de-stresses me and makes me feel calm and happy. I also love seeing new vistas but long journeys stress me. I've found documentaries offer me the joy of discovering new places without the stress and I can wander around my garden afterwards.

Plus, I'm not dying of cancer, I'm living with cancer, right up until the moment I die. I might not die of cancer, I might get run over by a bus! It's not something I dwell on often, too many things to do everyday. :-)


As you say we are living with cancer it should not define us though it can be rather restricting if tired all the time.

Great If your bucket is already full. The film the bucket list was more than just rushing around to exotic places - more finding themselves after diagnosis - that was my take on it anyway well worth watching just to ee the places they visited. This is also a way of not dwelling on the diagnosis but finding things to look forward to outside our everyday.

I still tend do far more than I should and pay the price when I do but find that better than avoiding too much because of the consequences. We all have our journeys to make and the best course to find for ourselves and family .

I find Itunes U great for keeping the mind in trim and has the advantage that it can be stopped and started just as recordings of documentries etc off the TV. Really useful to be able to stop and start when you ge too tired and concentration goes.

Lots o great sessions from McGill university on cutting edge science etc. Well worth a look if you have not already done so should find something of interest. Youtube is great too for music and documentries etc. All above watched on TV or Ipad as that is more comfortable than infront of computer

Love gardening but not been able to do very much this year which I find very frustrating so not very calming for me.

Hope your garden not too wrecked by the recent awful weather


So many people don't take or make the time to get to know themselves as they journey through life - it's always been a priority for me so I guess that's why I feel less inclined to explore the idea of a bucket list. Yes, the tiredness is restricting but because of other health issues throughout life it's always been an issue - another reason why gardening is so important because I can do it in my own time and way and it can be whatever I want it to be. And it gets me used to the fact that life changes, sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly and sometimes not in the direction I'd like it to! :-)


Getting to know ones self was the back story of the Bucket list. They managed to do things that they had put off. This could be an adventure of many kinds. The priory grid that Randy Pausch in his lecture is a good way to focus on what is important to you where you are at this moment. Ultimately whatever works for you wherever you are on the journey is the key.


I'd never really thought about a bucket list until about eighteen months to two years ago when I saw the film of the same name. Now, I don't expect great revelations in films, I watch them for relaxation or enjoyment, however some small thing struck home with me. I was within sight of early retirement (April 2011) at age 55 and thought it would be sensible to have a future plan (read a Bucket list) of things I'd like to do.

I did retire. However I took another job five months later, but while on holiday on Mull in May 2012 I finally started my bucket list. At the time I did not realise that within two months I would have a CLL diagnosis.

The good thing... I'm glad I've started it, for me it makes me think about what I'd like to do over the next years.

The bad thing ... I suspect some of my more adventurous items might need removing to avoid unnecessary risks.

All in all I like the idea of having a priority list of things I'd like to do, call it whatever you like.



I am working on a few things that would be good to do - how practical they are will be in the future only time will tell. Some of the fun is the exercise looking beyond cll and the knowledge gained about yourself and those close to you.

I have plenty of work to do on my family history - took over from my father - so have things to keep mind active when I don't have much physical energy. I inherited 1000 names from my father who worked on the family for 20 years - the database tops 9000 now from all around the world but plenty more can be done to this when have the energy etc.

Clearly not all ideas will be practical but hopefully we will all learn something about ourselves along the way which was what I took from the film rather than the rushing around the world which could be fun too. A bucket list may not be for everyone but anything that helps us live despite cll rather than be ruled by it has to be good for us and our loved ones. That is not to say that some ideas may not be practical

Randy Pausch in his lecture - also has something very valuable to say about priorities which I tried to put in practice to varying levels of success while at work and since. Really the only things that we should be doing are those that are important to us - so of the 4 quadrants maybe only one needs to be addressed making time for garden walking whatever it is that you want to do and can manage.

When diagnosed I planned to walk the Cornish coast - still something I would like to do - may have to be in small sections rather than one long walk but still a goal to look forward to. Everyone has to find where they are comfortable bearing in mind their health - certainly no one size fits all with our halth


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