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Flair trial v FCR

Flair trial v FCR

I will ask the consultant next time I see here but in the meantime I thought I would ask here

The registrar at my last visit s aid when treatment is needed we can offer me the above.

On a trial you monitored a lot more closely I would assume but how would it compare to having FCR ?

I am thinking about time and travel etc what would it consist of basically as I live just over 1 hour away from the hospital.

Also if you did get the FCR arm can you go to the Fair trial later if it's not so successful ?

but also where do you go from the flair trial

Still flying


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Not sure where you live J but at the Southampton General they are doing the flair trial but you have to apply and it's a bit like a lottery. You apply and it's a fifty fifty chance if you get it .B


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