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FLAIR Trial - ErnieUK Baseline Bloods before FCR


As mentioned in my last post, my final baseline bloods just before starting the FCR treatment (please excuse me the underscore characters here to try to make a simple table):

_______________OCT____NOV____DEC_______Units_____Normal Range

Hg___________11.4_____10.6___10.8________g/dL_____Normal 13->17

WBC_________234_____256_____303______10^9/L____Normal 4 ->11

ALC__________227_____238_____282______10^9/L____Normal 1->4

Platelets______89_____110_____133______10^9/L____Normal 150->400

Neutrophils__N/A___10.25___12.13______10^9/L____Normal 2->7

Interesting that the platelets started to rise back towards normal levels in the last few months, after a steady decline (89 was lowest I recorded).

Neutrophils have also shot up to above normal range now as I was recording 1.96 for those back in July. We have seen how they jump around with exercise, e.g. change 3.08 -> 1.49 in only a week, back in Feb/March with a big change in activity levels at that time, but I can't yet explain the high levels above (guess you can't get figures that high with too much exercise :-) ).

Other stuff suggested I look at (final DEC result):

LDH = 433 IU/L (normal 90-235)

GFR = 76 ml/min/1.73m*2

I need to improve my understanding there (and keep drinking lots of fluids to reduce the strain on the Kidneys)

Best wishes,


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Hi Ernest,

Thanks for providing your last few blood counts. I'm sure there will be plenty of interest in these and how they change now that you've commenced FCR treatment.

With regard to your apparently high neutrophil count, Prof. Terry Hamblin said at one point:

"Because the often very high lymphocyte counts in Stage C, CLL patients interfere with automatic differential counting, neutropenia is often not observed (but it is there)."

My take on this is that your apparently high neutrophil count actually includes a portion of your B-lymphocytes that are being miscounted as neutrophils by the automatic blood cell counting instrument. So don't be surprised to see your "Neutrophil Count" drop in proportion to your ALC as your FCR treatment begins its good work.

Also, many thanks for finding that the underscore character works well to get numbers correctly displaying in columns. I expect everyone will use that trick now!


in reply to AussieNeil

Many thanks Neil.

I think you are probably spot on with the "Neuts", and I didn't feel any significantly different over the last few months (perhaps with the exception of the spleen . . . ). I'm also sure my exercise levels were not that great :-)

I remain amazed by those CLL patients that do triathlon training and the like in their spare time, and go out to work. That would wear me out just thinking about it.



Hi Ernie, Sorry you didn't get the IR.

Good luck with the FCR. Neil has a possible explanation about your neutrophils. Interesting how your platelets increased, mine still aren't in the normal range yet.

I take garlic and ginger, which I have read can affect platelet function. Not only those, there are many others listed here at the Platelet Disorder Support Association that also Interfere with Platelet Function. Scroll down to 'Food and Supplements that Interfere with Platelet Function'


in reply to Mikey47

Thanks Mike, I must admit I do tend to overdo it on the Garlic when cooking. Also overdosing on chocolate ginger bics (after the sickness stage) to try to put the weight back on

Hi Ernie. Just to say very good luck with the FCR.

in reply to Graham2222

Thanks ! :-)

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