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1 year on after FCR

Hi guys, havent been around much lately so thought i would pop in and say hello. Just been for my 1year post chemo check-up. I have had some issues with low CD4 and as im allergic to Co-Trim i have to have a pentamadine inhaler which i hate. Well the fantastic news is that my bloods are all bang on the button and im off all meds. To be honest although i do get worn out quicker than i used to i dont really recall any infections at all this last year, and my usual 4 month winter cold lasted about 3 days. The sad bit was when the consultant said as far as he was concerned i couldnt get a better remission THEN bloody ticked the W+W box ! Just a reminder of the fact you will always be looking over your shoulder.

Although i did meet a woman there who had 17 years on W+W after her first chemo.

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Good news! I wish you continued good health! See a few friends, have a few drinks (not too many!)! It takes the pressure off!


Well done Bear!

Here's to a long PFS my friend good luck!



Good to hear from you again, Grizzlebear. Great that your bloods are all fine now.

So you met a woman who had 17 years on W&W after her first chemo! :-) Do you know which sort of chemo it was? (If it was 17 years ago, I don't think there was much around apart from Chlorambucil - but I might be wrong). Anyway, let's hope you get a similarly long remission...

Best wishes,



Thank you so much for posting and glad you have received good news. Watch and Wait is not that bad and certainly a nicer place than any other choices facing us CLLr's!

Stay strong.


Hi grizzlebear

Good to hear from you again, especially with such good news.

" the consultant said as far as he was concerned I couldnt get a better remission " ... we'll take that every time.

The consultant ticked the box so let him do the Watching & Waiting ... that's what he's paid for ... you just enjoy the chance that the ' chemo cocktail ' has given you.

You deserve it.


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Hi I know what you mean about w& w after chemotherapy but the alternative isn't too good either. The future we all hope for is to be told we are cured which does seem to be getting closer. Best wishes


Great to hear from you Grizzlebear.

Wishing you a long long remission.

Just smile at the box ticking. Until there are cures for all known ailments, I take the view that the whole human race is on watch and wait, just that some of them don't know it.



Great news grizzlebear.

My best wishes.



I managed 5 years after FCR, but the dear old CLL is back and just off to see my consultant for a date for the next round of chemo


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