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Can you Fly When you Have Cancer?

Can you Fly When you Have Cancer?

This is not a question. It is an article in CURE magazine. I didn't know about this myself. This may only apply in US.

Planning a flight? Do your homework first. The IATA manual's passenger care section lists the period of time a passenger must wait to fly after having experienced "acute and unstable" medical conditions like surgery or pneumonia. The manual specifically states that symptomatic cancer patients and those undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy must be assessed by a doctor with aviation medical experience -- which most oncologists do not have.

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Never stopped me.. I had FR infusion one day and flew 3500 kms the next day ... to the 2012 CLL Conference

Obviously there are good reasons for IATA regulations you don't want a traveller going into rigors at 35,000ft

or creating a medical emergency. Talk to your doctor.


I can understand a person looking ill being stopped from flying ( depending on how bad they look). However, my reading of this article is that it paints quite a negative picture.

As for insurance,, we all should have good trave insurance. That discussion comes up here regularly.

During FCR in 2012 my consultant told me to cancel a vacation in USA, which I did and was perfectly logical as I'd have been the wrong side of the atlantic for the start of one of my cycles.



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