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Forgotten Cancer Projects

Cancer council Victoria is hoping to try to improve understanding of the less common cancers. CLL being one. I got a request to become a volunteer not sure how now ! But i did fill in the questionaire online. Which asked a lot about familial cancers. Of course it's hard to know if all or any of our grandparents had cancer. But whatever you know can help. They also require a sample of dna via a saliva sample. I've just received the kit.

This info is for Australian cllers to volunteer. They require 15,000 Australians to participate. Woild there be that many cllers in oz? I suppose so.

I'm spreading the word about this vital research to prevent these cancers and support people who get them in the future.

Maybe cancer council of Victoria could use this site to request volunteers?

Can I suggest it to them? This is the link 1800068289

Cheers everyone

Sheila in Fremantle

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Sorry Neil I did remember that I got this info from you and health unlocked

Still it's another reminder to take part.



The more reminders the better Sheila!

About 1,000 people are diagnosed each year with CLL in Australia, so I don't think we could fill the 15,000, but we aren't the only forgotten cancer either :)



Hi Sheila I have just send off my saliva sample and done the questionnaire. Certainly a very good course. Also it is worthwhile sharing this project....don't worry.



Hi E43,

The FCP is for all cancers outside of the 5 "biggies" - namely breast, prostate, bowel, lung and melanoma. So 15k in Oz (including control set) should be OK.




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