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Inspiring Video with CLL Patient


This interview is from our recent Phoenix CLL town meeting. You will love hearing from Dr. La Verne Abe Harris. Let me know what you think:

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Inspiring piece. Thank you.


I love her attitude and philosophy to it which I share. We are all so different in the way we cope but research and knowledge allowed La Verne to 'emotionally detach' to some extent and I connect with that approach.

I'm so glad that if I had to get CLL, it's in more scientifically liberated times when the condition is firmly in the spotlight, under the microscope and the results (eventually) in our medicine cabinets! Finance permitting obviously.

So heartening to hear it work out for her.



Interesting that toward the end of the video La Verne credited much of the way she has dealt with her CLL to inheriting the happy gene from her mother.

I suspect that if we could all have an injection of happy genes we would find this journey we are on more bearable.

As we can't, we will just have to do the best we can to stay positive, and keep in touch with each other, as she also mentioned the support system we need of which social media is a part. I know I would have found dealing with CLL harder without the benefit of this community.

Thank you La Verne for sharing with us through Patient Power.


Thank you for posting this interview. It's very uplifting and inspirational. It's always good to see interviews on here with people who also have CLL. Especially as I have never met anyone else who has it. I agree with Bubnjay, this community has helped me deal with my CLL diagnosis and made me feel less isolated.

Thank you

Hi thank you so much for all that you do for our community and thank you to all those who share their stories. Best wishes

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