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Kidneys are amazing for all they do, be sure to look after yours

Kidneys are amazing for all they do, be sure to look after yours

If you've ever checked the criteria for entering a trial to treat your CLL, you may have noticed one of the listed requirements is adequate kidney function. "Kidneys are a feature-packed, highly efficient filtration and waste elimination system as well as the source of some essential hormones and vitamins. When all is said and done, the “factory-fitted” system for all they do beats alternatives for efficiency and convenience. They’re compact, built-in, self-contained, portable and low maintenance." Christine Carson, Research Associate at the University of Western Australia & at Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and Aron Chakera, Clinical senior lecturer at University of Western Australia, provide a quick overview of why your kidneys are so important (that you have a backup might tell you that), how they can go wrong and the symptoms to look for, what's involved with dialysis and transplant, then having convinced you that this is not what you want to happen to you, how to look after them:

Note: "More than a third of all new patients are now reaching end-stage kidney disease due to diabetes and about one in eight as a result of high blood pressure."


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Kidneys can be effected by CLL as well... not sure most doctors know this... I have a dear friend that has kidney involvement..currently undergoing treatment. It can be reversed and kidney function restored...

When it comes to treatment you want kidneys that function and can clear B lymphocytes... you don't want tumour lysis syndrome...

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