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Frontline therapy for CLL

Hi Friends

In my latest blog post I go into some depth pulling up the references and providing some context for the role of frontline chemo-immutherapy in CLL using the recent ONCLIVE video as the starting point.

I’ve been busy with my beautiful brand new granddaughter in cold and snowy Chicago, so not much time to write, but life is good

Stay strong


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This was really helpful, particularly the discussion about finishing FCR early in the light of MRD status. Will go on the list for discussion with my husband's consultant on Tuesday.

Thank you very much for posting


Thanks for the written summary Brian. My internet connection is often unable to support video, so I greatly appreciate the time you took to write that up and provide the paper references.

We are slowly teasing out the details of who can perhaps be cured from FCR treatment and more importantly, how many cycles are actually needed. For many members, this is a question of vital importance to them, particularly if they struggle increasingly through the latter cycles.



As one of the few people for whom ibrutinib actually *is* the front line therapy (going on 3-1/2 years now) it is my firm conviction that it always should be the front line therapy (until something better comes along) and the only real issue is cost.

You take a couple of pills every day, there are (in my case) no side effects except some mild diarrhea, it gets all your blood parameters back into normal ranges and you go on about your life. End of story.

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I agree and was surprised not one of the panelist in the ONCLIVE video on my recent blog post at said so.


Having had great results with ibrutinb as front line treatment I am as perplexed as you to their answers!