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Approval of Imbruvica Frontline for 17p deleted CLL and Important Trials

Hi Friends,

The recent approval of ibrutinib for 17p deletion frontline hopefully is the opening wedge of more indications for treatment naive patients for it and other non-chemo choices.

I have posted why this is so important and a list with links to some important clinical trials on my latest blog post bkoffman.blogspot.com

Thanks. Stay strong



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Many thanks Brian for a great post on the blog, to give an introduction to 17p and function of the p53 gene, and front-line trials for 17p deleted.

I've been wondering for a while what has happened to front-line trials in the USA of all the new options, so that neatly answers that question.

Hopefully that success prompts getting more of those trials started & completed elsewhere around the planet.

International challenge: Would be good if those in the know for different countries could post a simple summary of status in that country for considering/completing front-line trials, and include separately both 17p deleted and normal patients, also other key groups.

Very Best Regards,



I believe there is a British trial now for ibrutinib frontline.


Thank you Brian for your tireless support for fellow CLL sufferers through your blog and contributions to Patient Power. I was first treated with FCR some 6 years ago and have now relapsed. ( my P 53 is fine, I am told) I am taking part in clinical trials at Kings College London, UK. One involves Bandamustine plus novel antibody. The other therapy involved is Ibrutinib. I am waiting for written details to enable me to make an informed decision. Obviously I would like to avoid chemotherapy option but opting for Ibrutinib will involve a lot of tests like bone marrow extraction etc. So I am a little anxious about making the right choice.

Good wishes,



There are two in the UK as far as I'm aware... iceCLLe... a small trial looking at how Imbruvica (ibrutinib) works and FLAIR... Imbruvica (ibrutinib) and Rituxan in treatment firstline...there may be more...



In Canada there are a number of trials for Zydelig (idelalisib) pending, one is with rituxan for 17p deleted first line...


I'll second all of that!

It's really a bit silly and a bit tragic that they are having to do additional trials for front line use. We already have that data -- from me. And the other treatment naive lab rats whom MD Anderson insisted on including in the original Phase 1b/2 trial. I believe there were 18 of us and we're probably all still taking it now 3 years later.

Yes, it works just fine.


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