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Itchy bumps

I know this is a subject that has appeared before but it seems to me that no one has ever come up with a specific diagnosis/treatment for the spontaneous bumps that appear and cause so much discomfort. Have been seen by dermatologist who biopsied same - report states insect bites - these are definitely not insect bites. Wondering if anyone else has managed to get a definitive diagnosis related to this problem. Lesions occur at all times of the year and last sometimes for months - they are extremely itchy and cause much discomfort. Have tried course of steroids which worked for a short time and then problem returned - antihistamines are ineffective as are topical steroids which provide momentary relief. Would appreciate any input as to any effective treatments or duration of problem.

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I'm very familiar with those amorphous raised itchy thickened and red lumps; in fact, I feel that a full-blown explosion on my face was the first really obnoxious evidence of this thing we call CLL. What's worked for me is avoiding any modern, unnatural, human-made cleansing concoction; rather, I use the Dr B's liquid Castile soap, tea-tree flavor instead, followed by 50/50 vinegar rinse. My doctor gave me metrogel to assist in my compromised outer layer's inability to always keep the little stuff from proliferating into the familiar itchy bumps. It's a team effort of using common natural sense; however, what works for one of us needs to be tweaked by each one in finding the truest answers to the little stuff to which we ALL must not ignore.


I would just like to add the experience we have gone through in the last year. In early March my husband had an area on his chest turn red and became very itchy. My husband has had CLL for more than then years and we assumed that it was an allergy. The area became larger and eventually it was all over his body. Following a referral to a dermatologist we were told it was adult eczema and he was given various creams to apply and lotions for washing. I had read about dairy intolerance and thought we would give it a try. Gradually my husband's skin starting to improve. By the end of four months my husband's skin was greatly improved but we noticed that he was still getting reactions and we were not sure what was causing the eruptions. We eventually whittled it down to soya. His skin is now completely clear but he gets a reaction very quickly if he inadvertently eats any dairy or soya products.


Moths or caterpillars ?

I spent 10 years working in Venezuela where there is a moth that they call palometa peluda. The hairs from this moth cause a variety of reactions from itchy bumps to a mark that looks almost like a burn. At certain times of the year there were masses of these moths that made my life a misery. I didnt have to touch the moth itself but just somewhere where they had alighted.

Moving forward several years and I was working in the garden ( UK ) --a rare event for me--- and the following day I came up in itchy bumps. Knowing that palometa are not found here, I continued to look for another cause.

Thanks to the www, I found that the Oak moth caterpiller also has hairs that cause a similar reaction. I certainly dont live in an oak forrest but it didnt take long to find quite a few of these caterpillars in our garden.

I avoided the caterpillars and no more itchy bumps.

Sounds strange but so good to know that it wasnt caused by CLL in my case.



I have been to the dermatologist and have had a biopsy and was diagnosed with Trichodysplasia spinulosa. I was given two topical prescriptions that did not help me. One of these prescriptions cost $1,400 and it didn't help. While at the pharmacy I was looking for anything that would help and found a product that seemed to help and was very cost effective. This product is Sarna Original at a cost of around $10.

My diagnosis, Trichodysplasia spinulosa is a rare skin condition. In fact last week there was a dermatologist convention in Chicago and they invited me to come to show other doctors what this looked like and talk to them about my experience. My case seemed to affect my arms and legs.

Hope that this helps you and you get some relief.


Since being diagnosed with CLL, I also have had very itchy bumps appear on my arms, which go then keep coming back. These are particularly irksome throughout the night. I also have a constant rash on my face. I have found that organic aloe vera gel helps with both easing the itchiness and with healing. Available from Holland and Barrett.


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