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A bit confused


It's been sometime since my last post and I am just writing for some advice and information,because I do not think that I am taking my CLL Seriously enough and just hoping it will go away. I am 71 yrs and was diagnosed with CLL last year. I have had six months of Chemotherapy which was two days a month of BENDAMUSTINE/OFATUMUMAB I finished the Chemo in January this year when my blood count went down from 150 to 15 . Since then I have experienced pain in my bones and muscles which my consultant says may not necessarily be the Chemo (which I think it is) I had further blood tests to see what else could be wrong and all seems fine except for my kidneys which the Dr says there might be a problem but nothing to worry about yet.

So I deal with my pain and since January when my WBC got down to 15 it has slowly increased. My consultant said I might need Chemo or something else but to just watch and wait. I tasked if I could go away on holiday for awhile and they said OK.

So here !I am in Thailand, been here a month. Body pains, fatigue and a general feeling of wellness still plauge me but trying to ignore it and get on with life. I have just had a complete blood count here in Thailand and this is what I want help with!!!!!!

PMN 9****






RBC. 3.30x10. 6

HB 11.2

HTC 33.8

WBC 49,800

MCV 102***

MCH 34***



Can anybody enlighten me???? How am I doing, should I go home????

Thanks for any help


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I'm not going to interpret those counts, but why are you having bloodwork done in Thailand...? Are you on holiday or living there? Do you have a UK doctor tracking this?


Hi John,

Well done getting away to Thailand after treatment. As we keep emphasising on this site, it is the trends that are important, not what is seen in one-off blood test results. However, on the basis of what you've supplied, I can provide the following observations - bearing in mind I don't have any medical training.

First, the starred items, which I presume you have marked for particular attention. Your PMN is your neutrophil reading, (PMN = polimorphonuclear neutrophils) which at 9 is just above the upper normal range of around 8. That could indicate you have an infection. Your MONO (monocytes) heading is also high, again consistent with an infection.

Your MCV and MCH results are to do with your red blood cells. Again they are just outside the normal range. Your haemoglobin and red blood cell counts are both low and that I expect accounts for much of your fatigue, though some may be due to an infection.

Moving on to your other un-starred results, I note that your Absolute Lymphocyte Count has climbed to 37.8 (49.8 - 9 - 3 or 37.8), so that's on the move again, but perhaps that could be partly driven by an infection. I think the LYMP 85 means 85% of your white blood cells are lymphocytes.

As to whether you should go home, that's something I can't tell you. I'd recommend you see a doctor to try and find out whether you have an infection that can be treated. That may make you feel much better so that you can continue your holiday. But you also would be wise to check with your consultant back home, since (s)he would know your history and know whether your current results are not typical for you and are flagging that the prudent choice is to return home.

I hope you've been able to get some enjoyment out of your holiday!



My personal opinion is to keep with one set of measurements and source. I have noted there are apparently sight differences the world over so using measurements in multiple countries seems like a route to confusion ( a bit like weighing yourself on different sets of scales). I too am currently out of the UK on holiday, taking it easy, but will be in for my six-monthly soon after my return.

I appreciate if you are not feeling too good seeing a doc is a reasonable idea but I think if I needed blood tests I'd be considering heading home for them.

All personal opinion based on my approach.



Hello John,

Sorry i cannot give any advice regarding your blood tests,just to say good on you for getting on with your life as best as possible which i do myself,enjoy the rest of your holiday

Kindest Regards



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