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Driving cancer cells to suicide

Chemotherapy of malignant tumors is complicated by the fact that, over time, rapidly dividing cancer cells tend to become resistant to the drugs used. "One way to avoid this is to administer the agent in conjunction with an otherwise innocuous compounds that makes cells more vulnerable to its deleterious effects, and induces them to undergo programmed cell death," says Angelika Vollmar, Professor of Pharmaceutical Biology at LMU.

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While it is common for CLL treatments to have two or three components, wouldn't be nice if just one of those components improved the response rate of the other (active) ingredient without adding to overall toxicity as this article claims for the T8 chemical compounds. Tantalisingly little information and not CLL specific, but at least leukaemia gets a mention.


Well perhaps not CLL, but certainly Richter's

I have had Etoposide, actually R-CEP, and ANYTHING that reduces this highly chemotoxic drug to non toxic levels bears watching...

but very early days...



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