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10 steps to erase your digital footprint

10 steps to erase your digital footprint

Despite the existence of legislation passed to protect us from discrimination (depending on where you live), unfortunately, once you let slip that you have an incurable cancer on line, you do face the risk of being unfairly treated. What's more, it can be very hard to prove and get redress. You may also wish to just keep your diagnosis to yourself and not worry friends and family.

Here's a guide from ZDNet on how to get started with vanishing online:

Other on line security posts are linked from the post below:

Online Security Starts with YOU!

Don't forget:

1) To check for the padlock on any post/question before submitting any personal information you don't want available for all the on line world to see. (At any time, you can change this privacy setting on your posts/questions, edit your replies or ask an administrator to make any post/question private to this community.)

2) You are now able to change your username to something not easily associated with you to provide you with additional privacy. Just select your account from the drop down list when you click on your username in the green menu, then look for 'Username' towards the bottom of the page.

Account shortcut to change your username:

Our poll of a year ago on situations where you felt unfairly treated:


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