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Profesor Hillmen on Accelerated Clinical Trial Design


I understand if your eyes begin to glaze over when someone starts to discuss trial design and statistics, but just as it is important that we know about the drugs we are getting, it is equally important that we know about trials we are getting. Proper trial design and proper rendering of the results can change and save lives.

I have posted the first of my three part interview done at ASH 2014 with Professor Hillmen on the UK’s trial acceleration programme on the CLL Society website: . Part 2 and 3 will be posted on Wednesday and Friday this week or you can visit my blog for just a bit more of my commentary and a direct link.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


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Thanks Brian it is really exciting to learn how the UK is leading in trial innovation and how TAP has developed two years on from earlier reporting. Look forward to the rest of the video interview and report from Prof Hillman..

Some background: These earlier videos for patients about the UK trials Acceleration Programme (TAP) explain how it works, why it was needed. The first is from The Cardiff CLL open day 2013 and also outlines UK clinical trials and what is involved for CLL patients when involved in a trial

The Trials Acceleration Programme: Peter Hllmen at York reception 2013

2 –years ago - TAP and the Strategy for UK Life Sciences: One Year On

SNIP: “If successful, TAP will make the UK an attractive place for international pharmaceutical companies to undertake trials. This would increase patients’ access to new treatments, add financial benefit and create jobs.”

Two years on it seems to be!!

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Thank you for all your videos. This one holds such hope for the future. The video seemed to imply that we are moving towards an individual therapy which makes sense for Cll. Best wishes

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Anyone know anything about a trial called "RIALTO" this cropped up in clinic recently.




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