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Hi all, I am fundraising for Leukaemia & Lymphoma research by zip lining across the River Clyde in Glasgow :) This is around my 7 year anniversary of diagnosis, so I feel it's a good way to celebrate my relative good health!

If you can spare £2, please text ZIPY98 to 70070

Thanks all, good health to you all :)

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? Finneston Crane - if so, my daughter did it and loved it, screamed all the way down. My eldest also abseiled it another time MAD! All of you!! Good luck


It is indeed! I abseiled down it too a couple of years ago :) Scared already! I can't swim ;) xx


I think swimming will be the last of your concerns if you come off!! You'll be fine, you're a CLLer so you can do anything you want!


have you joined the CLL Support Group on Facebook? - that will expose you to a another number of possible givers?


Might join as well.

I also have a FB group with 400 members... you need to request

membership since it is a secret group... to protect members privacy

as much as FB does that...

The FB link you have listed is broken by the way...


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